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Dear Sports Injury Professional,
You pride yourself on being an excellent therapist.
Passed your qualifications with flying colours, got your practice up and running, and now you're reaping the rewards of a professional life...
Yet from time to time, there are those tricky clients that baffle you.
You can't get to grips with their injuries. They weren't covered in your studies, and it makes choosing the right path for treatment and rehab somewhat problematic.
What you really need is a reliable 'back up'... a reference point to guide you...
If you want to excel in sports injury therapy, I'm here to tell you about a resource that'll fill in the gaps and give you the most effective solutions for your clients' problems...

Introducing: Sports Injury Bulletin

For staying on top of current thinking and best practices across the spectrum of sports injury management, Sports Injury Bulletin is essential reading.
As a member of our online service, you'll have access to fresh insights and expert advice that will:
black tick Further your knowledge and skill set
black tick Enhance the quality of your service
black tick Raise your profile in your community
black tick Plus, reading Sports Injury Bulletin – a learned journal – can contribute to your CPD
For more than 20 years we've published more than 500 articles on every type of sports-related problem – from Achilles tendonitis to weight training injuries – to aid therapists of all disciplines in their work.
Our writers are top-level experts and practitioners at the top of their game (physiotherapists, surgeons and strength and conditioning coaches); they only report on the new treatments, surgical procedures and practical techniques for prehab and rehab that you need to know about.
Reading Sports Injury Bulletin will keep you informed, up-to-date and give you the ongoing knowledge and expertise you need to treat your clients with confidence.
"I like the scientific and biomechanical bases presented in the Sports Injury Bulletin newsletter. It has become a vital resource, providing me with practical tests and exercises to help the athletes who come to see me for advice."
Yvonne Bontekoning, Sport Podiatrist and Running Trainer

Meet the contributors

With respected, hands-on roles in the field, our contributors are best placed to bring you the very latest sports injury research, highlighting the considerable benefits of applying cutting-edge learning and methods to your own practice:
Chris Mallac is an Australian sports physiotherapist and strength and conditioning coach with particular interest in contact sports. He has acted as head of sports medicine at Bath Rugby Union and worked as head physio for Queensland Reds Super 14 rugby and Australian rugby sevens squads.
Sean Fyfe runs Performance Physio, Fitness and Sports in Brisbane, Australia and specialises in back and tennis injuries, as well as helping clients overcome long-term injury by combining his physio knowledge and experience in strength and conditioning.
David Joyce is a sports physiotherapist, working at Galatasaray FC in the Turkish Süper Lig. He has worked in private practice and consulted widely to elite athletes both in England and in his native Australia.
Ulrik Larsen has 18 years' experience working with hundreds of personal trainers and their clients, and elite athletes and their coaches. He has been physio for several international and Australian teams, and worked at Optima Sports Medicine in Brisbane for the last eight years.
Mark Alexander oversees and lectures on the postgraduate sports physiotherapy Masters programme at La Trobe University, Melbourne. From 2007 to 2008, he worked as sports physiotherapist to the gold-medal Australian Olympic triathlon team.
Nick Grantham has worked as a strength and conditioning coach throughout the decade and runs his own S&C business in north-east England. He has helped athletes prepare for and realise their ambitions at all levels including world, European, Commonwealth and Olympic medals.
Fares Haddad, a consultant orthopaedic surgeon at University College London Hospital and editorial consultant to Sports Injury Bulletin.

Here's what you've been missing...

Each new issue of Sports Injury Bulletin contains professional insights, research reviews and practical exercises and tests that'll make you a better therapist, and ensure your clients recommend your services to their peers.
If you haven't been reading it over the last four months, then you've missed out on all of this:
  • Shocking treatment: tendons and electrotherapy
  • The banned list: no-go drugs for serious athletes
  • Two legs good? Not when one is shorter
  • The runner's 'shamstring' injury
  • Mark Alexander's Masterclass : instant neck relief
  • Effects of Ramadan on sports performance
  • How to refurbish the gym junkie's shoulder
  • Putting power back into rehab
  • The rugby player's angry hip...
  • ...and the football player's achy groin
  • Snow safety and self-delusion on the slopes
  • The art and science of skills training
  • The role and requirements of an expedition medic
  • Knee meniscus tears: an update
  • Silkworms, cat's claws and swellings
  • Prehab: does it really work?
  • Running headlong into early joint pain?
  • How to bend forwards: a beginners' guide
  • Shake those hips – or expect trouble down the line
  • Rehab that ankle – or expect trouble up the chain
  • How much rugby recovery is enough?
It's not too late to get caught up though.
You can access ALL of these articles right away in our online Members' Area, as soon as you start your risk-free, 60-day trial to Sports Injury Bulletin.
Along with the latest four newsletter issues, you'll also be able to download special reports, prehab/rehab workouts and much more from an ever-growing library of injury resources...
"Sports Injury Bulletin has helped me in both my professions. As effective treatment to my patients and as preventive recourse to my Martial Arts Practitioners. Your recourse to the latest techniques for rehabilitation and injury prevention has put me in the top five of Physical Practitioners in my city. My sincere thanks to you and your team."
Pervez B Mistry, Physical Therapist & Martial Arts Trainer

Extensive resources for the caring therapist

From the moment your trial starts, you'll have unrestricted access to a library of member-only resources, which includes special focus injury reports, case study guides and further issues of Sports Injury Bulletin.
Here's a taste of what you'll get today, all for only $9.97...
  • The Physio's Guide to Running Injuries
  • Recovering from Lower Body Injuries
  • Introduction to Shoulder Injuries
  • How to Prevent Back Pain and Injury
  • A Case Study Guide to Ankle Injuries
  • The Head to Toe of Sports Injury Case Studies
  • The Sports Medicine Masterclass
  • Swissball Training for Core Stability
  • SIB Issue 25: Demolishing the myths about Back Pain
  • SIB Issue 42: Knee Pain and Pilates
  • SIB Issue 44: Patellar Tendinosis and Winter Sports
  • SIB Issue 57: Strength and Conditioning for Physios
  • SIB Issue 54: Weak Buttocks Ruin the Runner

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