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RE: va propun o noua colaborare

Va propun o viitoare colaborare de unde se pot castiga si niste resurse financiare....

Date: Saturday, March 17, 2012, 8:44 AM

iata ds. ce este vb.:

tehnic / activitate de ultima generatie -

cu ajutorul unui 'scaner' esti evaluat la cap. imunitatea generala scanertul te plaseaza intr-o grupa din cele 5 existente pe scala sa - rosu , cea mai slaba..., albastru cea mai buna

in functie de incadrare si cunoscandu-ti punctele slabe ale biologicului tau, de la medicul de familie, etc .., poti sa alegi 1-2 produse, sau mai multe, din lista existenta


exsita doua incadrari: una ca si client [ ai facut testarea, te-ai consultat cu medicul ds. starea ta de sanatate si alegi ce cumperi] a doau ca si colaborator in sistem [adica devii un promotor al acestei noi tehnologii, devii detinator de scaner si de informatii ds. produse]


afara de cele firesti care le are orice cumparator..., obligatiile de colaborator este sa te inscrii in retea, iar ca sa obtii cel mai bun statut, adica scanerul, trebuie sa investesti si asa devin stapan pe ceea ce faci ; dar si pana atunci daca intri in sistem, fara scaner, dar aduci noi clienti..., ai parte de un sistem de recompense [ 
ele sunt gradate si nu le tin minte, dar sunt si sunt chiar tentante..., ele devin si mai tentante daca investesti in scaner]

Seama cu sistemul AMWAI... si este vb. ds. lucrul in echipa; fiecare se ajuta unul cu altul si reteau creste

La ora actuala eu doresc sa intru in retea cu scopul de a achizitiona un scaner dar suma este cam mare si as avea nevoie de 2-3 'tovarasi', pretini apropiati de incredere care sa punem banii jos si sa incepem sa folosim scanerul la noi clienti pe care-i atragem;
comisioanele vin din vanzari de produse si din atragerea de noi colaboratori care in viitor vor dori sa aibe 'afacerea' lor [scanerul lor]

Date: Saturday, March 17, 2012, 8:16 AM
deschide, da click aici:

Sport Nutritional Supplements


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A quality sports nutrition supplement will also help to optimize your overall health. There is often a fine line in the difference between sport nutritional supplements and quality health supplements because many sports supplements offer other health benefits in addition to the primary ‘performance benefit’.

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The following nutrients are popular as exercise performance enhancers – but please note that research is lacking on the efficacy and safety of some of these commonly used supplements particular in respect of athletic performance. (See the recommended ebook below for further details).

  • Androstenedione/androstenediol (* steroid hormone precursor)
  • Alanine
  • Bee Pollen
  • Branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs)
  • Carnitine
  • Coenzyme Q10
  • Creatine
  • Ginseng
  • Glutamine
  • Glycerol
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  • Selenium
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  • Vanadium (vanadyl sulfate)
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin E
  • Zinc
Source: (1)

NOTE: Professional or high performance athletes must educate themselves thoroughly BEFORE taking any supplement and check that none of its components are athletic banned substances.
Some supplements may contain ingredients, such as androstenedione and ephedrine that can produce positive tests for banned substances.

Athletes under 18 must not take steroid hormone precursors or ephedrine alkaloids (Ephedra). 

The green light is given only to vitamins, minerals, beverages to replenish fluids/electrolyte and protein energy bars. This is especially true for people who train yoga, since yoga health benefits focus on all natural health and wellness!

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Antioxidants And Their IMPORTANCE To Athletes, Sports Minded People And Health Conscious People

Rigorous exercise puts great demands on the body which results in a dramatic rise in free radical production. A wide spectrum of antioxidants is needed daily to scavenge free radicals and limit their damage to cells and DNA.

This is where the fine line between a sport nutritional supplement and a health supplement can be seen because a professional grade multi nutrient health supplement can effectively act as a sport nutritional supplement but with even greater benefits. It will contain a wide range of the most powerful and beneficial antioxidants to assist athletes.

Studies have yet to provide definitive proof that antioxidants aid human exercise performance but none-the-less athletes in particular need to keep their heightened free-radical levels under control irrespective of whether antioxidants aid their performance or not. Sport nutritional supplements or multi nutrient health supplements in addition to a fruit and vegetable rich diet are the answer!

Now, I’d like to quote a passage for you from a newsletter in the Xtend-Life newsletter archives It's about athletes and antioxidants (quoted with permission).

It sums up the situation nicely.

"An athlete has a much higher intake of oxygen due to exertion and as such is much more susceptible to damage from free radicals. Unless they take a powerful antioxidant they will age before their time and are more likely to suffer a range of other diseases in later life and at an earlier time than most people.

An obvious example of the damage that is being done to the body by excessive free radicals is marathon runners. Notice how many of them look old before their time.

I cannot over-emphasis the importance of not just an ordinary antioxidant, but the necessity of a super antioxidant....."

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Whey protein is one of the most widely used supplements by athletes. It has many health benefits associated with building muscle and increasing performance. You can find more information on the best whey protein here.

Sport Nutritional Supplements – Sources:
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End: - sport nutritional supplements /sport nutritional supplements

Cand ai prea mult... strica !