Thursday, March 7, 2013

DUPLEX : Brent & Mircea ....

Brenton Ford

[Effortless Swimming] How To Adjust Your Stroke In A Race

How To Adjust Your Technique In A Race (Video)

It's possible to adjust your technique in the middle of a race.

Just because you started one way doesn't mean you need to finish that way.

The reason you might make a change mid-race is because different techniques
are faster at different stages of a race.

The best example of this was in the 100m freestyle at the London Olympics.

American Nathan Adrian won by 0.01 of a second by making a small change.

Can you spot it in this video?

Watch The Video

Raising Champion Swimmers (Podcast)

Being a parent of a swimmer is just as demanding as being a swimmer.

I chatted with Gary Barclay about this  topic and how parents can best raise
a champion swimmer.

Gary has worked with all levels of swimmers from learn to swim up to
Australian representatives.

I hope you get as much out of this interview as I did.

Listen to the podcast

Until next week!

Brenton Ford
Effortless Swimming

I reply to all emails
Mircea Olaru
from Linkendin ....:

Mircea Olaru 

Dear friends,

I want to tell you about one a new concept available in our swim-sport,
This is not for the elite... but is very good for ‘beginners’... and for ‘masters’ too

About the ‘BEST- formula’ concept ....

What mean this new concept…?:
[attention:it can be applied/adapted for more other sport-disciplines]

With this formula we can calculate, very exactly- mathematic + mental way, the Individual Efficiency + the best personal technique of each swim-style (4)
This idea, derive from one ancient aphorism – ‘festina lente…!’ (Suetonius);

In the swim-version it means -

[ P.I.G. + (K) - [ Time in sec. + Stroke arms, tempo / 5om ] = ....
points of the “Bio-mechanical Efficiency Swimming Test” (B.E.S.T.) ....

P.I.G. = Personal Index for Gliding ... so

[ L. + (K) ] - [ Kgr.+ Q ]

L. = extreme longer of the body in float position (ventral or dorsal...).
(K) = aleatory 100 points.
Kgr. = weigh
Q = circumf. of the Torax in max. Expiration (under axile arms, like tailor)


1. PIG have constant value, every day... [ minimum by one year for ex.]....

2. Time and Stroke is changeable in every training, every day... 
for ex.; if  PIG is 200 points you can make sum of Time/in sec.(30”) with Tempo/ for 50m(30 moves)... finally you can estimate your efficiency in every moment {200 – 60 = 140 points}, maybe in other day you will swim Time= 27” in +29 stroke rate, that mean 200 – 57 = 143 point; 140 is less than 143... that mean when you have more point - your efficiency is better....

3. PIG give possibility to make equal series in one race [8 lane x 190/210 pig points]

4. BEST-formula [point of the efficiency] can be better if you can swim ‘very fast [that mean less seconds] with less moves’ ... but this desirable event is possible only if you use only the best technique, believe me - with bad technique the result will be bad, down point.

For this reason if you accept to use this new concept [less nr. of Time(“) + less stroke / by lenght of pool] the results will be good – this is prove that you addopt a new think to swim(!) and, finally, you can use a better technique, with “BEST” Efficiency !

M.O., Bucharest, Romania, 17 12 08, 

** this new concept I found, also, to in Emmet Hines book [Fitness swimming], HK, 1995/pag. 26 : "swim-golf".... but my first referat is dated 1983 when in my country was 'amaising' comunist sistem'....

(sorry for my so poor English language, my age is 77….)