Thursday, July 11, 2013

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[Effortless Swimming] Hell Week + Butterfly Tips

Hell Week

Every now and then it's good push beyond your comfort zone.

I'm currently running my Master's swim squad through a Hell Week. We do it once or twice a season to improve our fitness.

I remember going away on a training camp in 2006. I was unfit, I was weak and the entire time I was in pain from the sessions. But after only 7 days of intense training, I'd caught up 3-4 weeks of fitness had only been doing regular training.

See what session I put the squad through on Monday in this week's video.

Watch the video

Two Drills To Develop Your Butterfly Rhythm

Back in June I had Sam Ashby (Australian National Silver Medallist) take my squad through a buttefly clinic. The entire focus was on rhythm.

These two drills were covered in the clinic and will help you improve your butterfly rhythm.

Watch the video


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