Swimmers love pain.

And I've seen a lot of it lately.

As you know from the last weeks news, 
I'm running Hell Week with my squad.

Hell Week

We train our butts off for a week...so that in 
2-3 weeks time we're fitter and stronger. 

If you'd like a copy of the exact workouts 
we're doing you can get them here

I challenge you to try them!

Until the end of the month you can 

One of the main sets was 10x50 max 
effort (from a dive start) on 3 minutes. 

500 meters can't be that hard...right? 

Well most of the swimmers came within 
an inch of throwing up. 

We nicknamed the set 'Thunder Before 
You Chunder'. 

Because you get no recovery in between, 
the lactic acid builds up to a point where 
you get very, very heavy. 

It feels like every muscle in your body has 
been filled with lead.

Until July 1st you can preorder the 

Use the coupon PREORDER to get the 

A Deal For Cyclists & Triathletes

On the topic of pain and suffering, I met up
with a cyclist named David for coffee. 

He's was telling me how he could never 
find any good cycling workout videos 
for training to on the indoor bike trainer.

Long story short: He put together the 
hardest, most exciting, most 
cycling training videos in the world. 

You can save 10% using the coupon 
SWIMFEST until July 31st. 

I don't make money on this, it's just a 
really cool training tool which I wanted 
to let you know about.

I've gone through 'The Hunted' training video 
and it's one hell of a workout!

To your pain and suffering,

Brenton Ford
Effortless Swimming

P.S - The discount on Hell Week workouts 
expires in 24 hours. Use the coupon 
PREORDER to save 50%.

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