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Phelps: From Swimming to Golf

Phelps: From Swimming to Golf

Picture of The 100 Best Swimming Drills
Follow Michael Phelps LIVE at the Annexus Pro-Am as part of the Waste Management Phoenix Open.

Picture of The 100 Best Swimming Drills
With an unprecedented eight gold medals and world-record times in seven events, Michael Phelps' performance at the 2008 Games set a new standard for success. He ranks among the most elite athletes in the world, and is both an inspiration and a role model to millions. The incredible focus he exhibits in practice and during competition propels him forward to his unrivaled excellence. In No Limits, Michael Phelps reveals the secrets to his remarkable success, from his training regimen to his mental preparation and, finally, to his performance in the pool.

Picture of The 100
Best Swimming Drills
The inside story of Michael Phelps journey to Olympic immortality.

Picture of The 100 Best Swimming Drills
"Amazing Pace" provides the most revealing look at a young man who became a world-class athlete before he had the chance to grow up.
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in literatura de specialitate din USA exista lucrarea"FITNESS SWIMMING" autor EMMET HINES de la H2OUSTON Swim Club, in cartea sa el adopta o alta formulare a conceptului BEST si anume SWIMMING GOLF, adica face o similitudine intre faptul ca la GOLF castigi daca ajungi cu minge in gaura din cat mai putine lovituri... iar la inot..., eficienta se poate calcula daca 'inoti repede cu cat mai putine vasliri'...., interesanta afilierea lui Michael la jocul de Golf, dar timpul isi va spune EL singur cuvantul...

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Brent, our friend....

From: Brenton Ford
To: Scanave
Sent: Wednesday, January 30, 2013 5:15 AM
Subject: [Effortless Swimming] How To Swim 'Higher' In Freestyle

Your swimming news is ready.

Watch the video

Coaches often talk about swimming higher in the water.

These are some of the things we cover in this video:

00:28 - Being Taller
00:52 - Kicking Drills That Get The Right Body Position
00:58 - Why Do Swimmers Snake?

Do you make this mistake?


Brenton Ford
Effortless Swimming

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11 strength workouts for unbeatable performance

11 strength workouts for unbeatable performance

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Dear Athlete,
Whatever sport or event you compete in, the following statement is a given:
To be a winner today, you need strength. And lots of it.
I’m not talking about pumping iron to get the biggest muscles you possibly can. (Because big muscles won’t necessarily make you strong.)
For rapid, measurable improvement to your performance, you need to focus on building solid levels of strength, and then converting that strength into explosive athletic power.
The stronger your muscles, the more forceful your contractions...
The faster you will run, higher you will jump, further you will throw or kick, and the harder you will hit.
Pretty straightforward, really.
You only have to look at pro athletes like Didier Drogba or Rafael Nadal to see the benefits of strength training.
These guys know that building up their strength – and maintaining it throughout the season – will make them unbeatable and capable of delivering top-level performances time and time again.
They aren’t bodybuilders. They don’t spend their days lifting weights purely to make them look good.
What they know, crucially, is that there’s no better way to ensure they perform to their utmost potential when it comes to the crunch.
And you can too.
Condition your body with strength training and you’ll not only increase your performance potential, but you’ll protect yourself from injury at the same time. (Plus, add much-needed variety to your training, too.)
My new Complete Strength Training Pack – available for instant download – includes 11 ready-made, printable workouts and an expert training guide for you to increase strength in your:
Plus, you’ll develop your all-over muscular endurance too, meaning you can sustain high intensity work for longer periods, with less fatigue.
We’ve made this training pack suitable for all athletes, so you can achieve optimum strength whatever your sport or ability. And it has input from international-level coaches and training experts, who use these methods with their own clients, so you can be sure that they work...
11 challenging workouts to increase your muscle mass, strength and power
Strength is not just a requirement of heavy-duty sports like rugby... It’s the basis for optimal speed, agility and power.
Sprinters... swimmers... even cyclists need to strength train.
Essentially, you won’t get very far in your sport without incorporating it into your year-round conditioning.
At some point, you’ll stop seeing improvements and hit the dreaded ‘plateau’. But simply developing non-specific base strength can significantly boost your performance and fitness levels.
So to get you started right away, I’ve put 11 pre-prepared workouts in the Complete Strength Training Pack.
Through performing new exercises you’ve not tried before, you’ll shock your muscles into growth but without adding any extra ‘bulk’. Each workout takes a strand of strength development – such as lower body or chest and back – and targets those muscles through specific movements.
The 11 workouts included in your pack are:
Supersets Training (2 parts) Use hypertrophy (growth) workouts, which utilise pre-exhaust super-sets, to develop muscle size in the upper and lower body, as part of a weekly split routine.
Resistance Training (2 parts) Develop your all-round muscular endurance with these weighted exercises, which incorporates one TRX-based resistance training workout.
Dumbbell Exercises (3 parts)Develop all-round muscular endurance (the ability to sustain repeated contractions against resistance for an extended period of time) using this series of 3 dumbbell workouts. Ideal for endurance athletes and team sports players.
Lower Body Strength Develop muscle size in your legs and strengthen your core, as part of a weekly split routine, using basic weight room equipment.
Muscle Building: Chest & BackDevelop muscle size in the chest and back, as part of a weekly split routine, with exercises that use free and fixed weights and an exercise bench.
Muscle Building: Arms & Shoulders Develop muscle size in the arms and shoulders, as part of a weekly split routine.
Multidirectional Strength and Movement Training Develop strength in different planes in order to achieve a variety of movements, using exercises such as Turkish Get-Ups and Half Moons.
There’s no planning involved; it’s already been done for you.
Simply download and print off the workouts you want to try, and build them in around the rest of your training. They come with full instructions, reps and sets, and detailed step-by-step descriptions of the exercises.
Plus, you won’t find them anywhere else online. They’ve been created especially for us, by a range of top sports coaches.
And that’s just the beginning of what you’ll receive in your pack...
These little-known expert ‘secrets’ will take your strength training to elite levels...
With so much conflicting advice on strength training doing the rounds online, it can be hard to know where to start.
Naturally, your biggest concern is how reliable training methods are, or what results they can produce.
That’s why your Complete Strength Training Pack also includes an authoritative training guide, packed with little-known, proven tweaks and tips that’ll take your training that little bit further.
Best of all, most athletes and coaches are largely unaware of them.
Inside your guide, you’ll find out strength training ‘secrets’ like this:
  • The golden formula for weight training sessions that build up maximum strength and power (hint - variety is the key)
  • Cracking the code of exercise choice: how to select the movements that make a real difference to performance, and which are a waste of your time
  • How training a particular muscle fibre will quickly have you sprinting for the finish line at lightning speed
  • Why the quality, not quantity, of your training is the key to generating explosive power – see where your coach has been advising you incorrectly
  • Optimum training combinations that increase average one repetition maximum (1RM) performance for squats to 140.5kg, and depth jumps to 144.5kg
  • Six top weight training tips every athlete needs to know – don’t hit the gym until you’ve read them!
All the important bases are covered in your guide, from how to design a well structured training programme, to exercises for strengthening any desired muscle group in your body. There are even suggested sessions for keeping up your training when on vacation.
Every single contributor to this guide has extensive, hands-on experience in the sports training field (from club to Olympic level), and in-depth knowledge of what really works – and what doesn’t – for producing that extra edge.
And their advice is backed up by concrete evidence from scientific trials, case studies and day-to-day professional practice.
They include:
James Marshall MSc, CSCS, ACSM/HFI, runs Excelsior, a sports training company.
John Shepherd MA, a specialist health, sport and fitness writer and a former international long jumper.
Phil Gardiner, a United Kingdom Athletics (UKA) Level 4 coach.
Raphael Brandon MSc, a sports conditioning and fitness specialist. He is also London Region Strength and Conditioning Coach for the English Institute of Sport.
In other words, you get world-class conditioning tips direct from the people in the know, which you can adapt to meet your specific needs.
Frankly, you won’t find a more practical, comprehensive guide to unleashing your full strength potential, or enhancing your overall fitness.
Certainly not one without a hefty price tag.
Apply these tried-and-tested approaches to your own training and you’ll quickly see that a set of strong, flexible muscles can not only withstand competitive sport far better than the non-strength trained, but can reach new heights of sporting success.
Only then will you be propelled from your current position right to the top of the winner’s podium, where you belong.
Make strength training part of your strategy for unbeatable performance...
Too many athletes and coaches seem to be caught up in a ‘bigger and heavier is better’ strategy when it comes to training with weights.
But rather than help you run that few seconds quicker or throw that few metres further, having too much bulk on your frame is more likely to slow you down. (There’s a reason why a bodybuilder could never run as fast as Usain Bolt.)
Your aim is not to lift the heaviest weight possible for the highest number of times... but to build a solid strength base that can then be channelled into faster sprints, higher or longer jumps, and tougher tackles.
This is exactly what the workouts and tips in your Complete Strength Training Pack will help you achieve.
Fine-tuning the power exerted from the muscles you use most, in movements and positions that replicate those of actual competition, will make that vital difference.
Whether you are an endurance athlete, or one who relies on short, sharp blasts of speed and power, you need to tailor your weight training to the demands of your specific sport. And as the tips and techniques in this pack remain, in large part, unknown to most athletes and coaches, you’ll have a distinct advantage over most of your fellow competitors.
Remember to savour the looks on their faces when you next compete!
This FREE strength training pack is yours when you activate a 60-day, risk-free trial to Peak Performance – for $1.97...
Why am I giving away this top-level strength training pack for propelling you to the form of your career, free of charge?
Simple, really.
I want you to see – not just read about – the difference these workouts and breakthrough training techniques can make to your performance.
All I ask in return is that you respond today and accept a no-risk, 60-day trial membership to Peak Performance – the definitive online source of sports training advice for athletes, coaches, and sports science student.
For just $1.97, you’ll have full access to an impressive members-only area of sports training materials, where you’ll also find your free Complete Strength Training Pack, ready for downloading.
My editorial team – led by Andrew Hamilton, a sports nutritionist and a former competitor triathlete – gets hold of top coaches, physicians, sports nutritionists, physiologists, and sports psychologists to share their ‘winning secrets’ with you.
Our contributors spend countless hours pouring over technical journals most athletes and coaches don't have time to read, to uncover cutting-edge sports science research based on proven, tested results ... as opposed to mere theory or opinion.
With Peak Performance, you get a steady stream of scientifically-proven sports performance breakthroughs in training, nutrition, and exercise; all of it highly practical information that you can put to work immediately to help you achieve significant gains in stamina, strength and speed.
You also get a whole host of training tips geared towards the specific sports you love, including: Distance Running ... Bodybuilding ... Triathlon ... Football ... Cycling ... Swimming ... Tennis ... Rugby ... Rowing ... Combat Sports ... Gymnastics ... Basketball ... Baseball ... and many, many more.
So you can beat your personal best performance – and crush your competitors into the ground!
The bottom line: Peak Performance brings you the cutting edge of sports science.
We strip away the scientific jargon, statistics and mathematics ... and distil the research findings into plain English that you’ll find fun to read – and easy to absorb.
Put the science of sports to work for YOU
Here’s just a small taste of the performance-enhancing articles our members have enjoyed recently:
  • Exercise: the pros and cons of training when pregnant
  • Plyometrics: selecting the correct exercises for your sport
  • Cycling: pace your way to success
  • Coaching: skill development in children
  • Nutrition: Vitamin D: why it’s time to let the sunshine in!
  • Psychology: New findings on boosting sport performance with music
  • Physiology: Kaatsu training: real world applications
As a member, you’ll be the first to discover the very latest breakthroughs in sports science, month-in, month-out. (The average athlete would have to wait years before they caught wind of tips like these!)
You’ll also be in the company of the world’s leading sports organisations, including: the US Olympic Committee, British Triathlon Association, National Swimming Academy, Swedish Athletic Association, Oxford University Boat Club, and a host of universities, national sports institutes, private schools and English Premier League football clubs.
Our members say it best...
‘Great value for money...’
“PP has been a great source of information as an athlete returning to competition.  I can never get enough information and enjoy reading up on new training methods, theories and research. Overall for the resources available, it’s great value for money and my subscription will continue for many years to come.” - Lucy Rann
‘New ways to break through the plateaus...’
Peak Performance is about convenience, and being able to source quality information easily. How could you not like that? As an athlete, I'm always looking for new ways to break through the plateaus, free up the repetition and change my approach in order to achieve continuous improvement. Gain an edge over my competitors. I'm sure like most people, training and working limits the research time, so having Peak Performance at my finger tips is a big help to combat this.” - Darren West, Adelaide, Australia
The most comprehensive site I’ve come across...’
“I love that you have a plethora of experts that share knowledge in all areas of fitness and training. Everything from running (speed and endurance) and how to gain strength, to preventing and treating an injury. PP is, without a doubt, the most comprehensive site I've come across for finding this kind of info ... There’s no other single place on the internet (that I've found) that an athlete can find answers to practically anything.” - Bryan Adair
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Trending Swimming World Stories - January 22, 2013

Trending Swimming World Stories - January 22, 2013

A Semi-Monthly Wrap-up of News from Around the World by Sports Publications Intl.
January 22, 2013
NEWS!!!! Taken from Lane9

Poll of the Week: Which City Would Be The Best Host for 2016 Olympic Trials?
PHOENIX, Arizona. RECENTLY the International Olympic Committee released the names of the three cities that will vie for the privilege to host the 2020 Olympics, and in our last poll we wanted to know which of them you thought would be the best host. Tokyo, which ran the Olympics in 1964, topped the voting with 48.31 percent. Madrid, Spain, placed second with 35.59 percent, and Istanbul, Turkey, was third with 16.10 percent. The IOC will name the city that hosts the 2020 Olympics in September.
Highlighting Day Three Finals at the Arena Grand Prix - Austin
PHOENIX, Arizona. DAY three of Race Day highlights the top swims from the Arena Grand Prix taking place in Austin, Texas.
Australian National Swim Team Banned From Social Media Use During Major Meets
PERTH, Australia. THE BHP Billiton Aquatic Super Series, held last weekend in Perth, marked the first meet under a new directive banning Australian national team swimmers from interacting via social media during major competitions.
Mack Horton Scares Grant Hackett Australian All-Comers Age Group Record
SYDNEY, Australia. THE Australian Youth Olympic Festival came to a close with Australia and Japan sharing the gold medals. Meanwhile, an Australian All-Comers Age Group record nearly took a tumble.
Arena Grand Prix Money List: Nearly $50K Earned Thus Far
COLORADO SPRINGS, Colorado. WITH Arena Grand Prix stop being held in Austin in the books, nearly $50,000 of the $150,000 promised prize money has been earned.
Armstrong Stripped of Olympic Medal, Sets Precedent for IOC to Revisit 1976
In addition to the first part of his much-anticipated interview with Oprah Winfrey airing tonight, The Associated Press is reporting that Armstrong must return the bronze medal he won in the road time trial at the 2000 Olympics.
Keep Your Shoulder Loose With This Dryland Tip
SANTA CLARA, California. TODAY, Dr. G. John Mullen helps our swimmers with a way to help relax the shoulder in today's Dryland Tip of the Week. The activity involves using a mobility stick to to loosen up a rotator cuff muscle.
USC Unanimous Top-Ranked Team in CSCAA NCAA Women's Division I Rankings
PHOENIX, Arizona. THE College Swim Coaches Association of America has released its latest NCAA Women's Division I rankings, with Southern California earning the top ranking unanimously this week. While most of the rankings remained static, Auburn and Arkansas made some big moves with some big wins since the last poll.
Swimming World Workout: Arm Speed/Leg Power Freestyle Sprinter Set
PHOENIX, Arizona, January 16. SWIMMING World Magazine's Fitness Trainer JR Rosania is back today with another fabulous fitness workout video clip. Today's Swimming World Workout includes exercises designed to improve arm speed and leg power.
Elizabeth Beisel Lands On Yahoo! Sports List of Famous College Students
PHOENIX, Arizona. ELIZABETH Beisel's name showed up on a distinctive list today, as the junior at the University of Florida is one of 16 people Yahoo! Sports picked as the "Most Famous Kids in College Right Now."
The Morning Swim Show Library - View current and past editions of The Morning Swim Show
Reaction Time - Read what others have to say about today's top stories in the world of swimming
USA College News and Results - Find news and results of your favorite school
USA High School News and Results - Find news and results of your favorite school

What you'll find in the February 2013 issue of Swimming World
Feature Article:
A Meteoric Rise
Katinka Hosszu has come a long way since representing Hungary in her first Olympics as a 15-year-old in 2004. Two more Olympic Games later—as well as becoming a multiple world champion and the top female swimmer at the recent World Cup Circuit with 39 individual gold medals—she now has her sights set on even more hardware.

Get More info

Shop online or call to check availability
Develop strength, power, coordination, balance, and core stability using the medicine ball and stability ball exercises included in Strength Ball Training.
Price: $22.95

Find out why life is truly worth swimming from three time Olympic swimming medalist Gary Hall Sr., who takes us on a journey through the five swimming disciplines that are needed for success.
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Get all six instructional DVDs produced by the Australian Swimming Coaches & Teachers Association!
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This book is about the administrative side of coaching.
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Developing Swimmers is the only book to offer a comprehensive, long-term plan beginning at an age-group level.
Price: $18.50

Drill practice is a swimmer's primary tool in developing better stroke technique. Drills allow a swimmer to concentrate on a single aspect of a stroke at one time.
Price: $19.95

Hannula shares more than 50 years of coaching experience and knowledge in Coaching Swimming Successfully.
Price: $23.95

Over 100 exercises and 60 programs for incredible abs and a stronger core
Price: $21.95

Filled with 360 pages of skill, fitness and motivation, coach Bob Steele's new book is sure to add new levels of excitement to your workout!
Price: $29.99

The Best of Swimming Technique 2 CD set is a one of a kind resource that is a one-stop collection of articles written by virtually every major coaching name in the sport.
Price: $39.95

For Only $3.95 you will get access to's Total Access Area for 30 days. for all your swimming needs Books - DVDs - Posters - Equipment -
CD's & Software
Swimming News - Workouts - Meet Results
Sports Publications International
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Get a New Suit Today!

Racing Season is Almost Here! Get a New Suit Today!

from Brent ..... 'in sommer time'.... hihuhohha

we are winter, snow and wind....

[Triathlon Swimming] Find Feet & Hang On

This is my favourite strategy for swimming
faster in open water races.

Watch the video here

You can use this really easily in your next
race to keep up with faster swimmers.

I used it on the weekend to finish up with
the guys who should be well ahead.

Try this in your next race for better results


Brenton Ford
Effortless Swimming

Friday, January 18, 2013

Swimming World Swim Shop

SwimShop Promotions

Swimming World Swim Shop

Picture of The 100 Best Swimming Drills
Get all six instructional DVDs produced by the Australian Swimming Coaches & Teachers Association! The set includes: Swimming in Australia: Butterfly Swimming in Australia: Backstroke Swimming in Australia: Breaststroke Swimming in Australia: Sprint Freestyle Swimming in Australia: Individual Medley Swimming in Australia: Strength & Conditioning

Picture of The
100 Best Swimming Drills
Develop strength, power, coordination, balance, and core stability using the medicine ball and stability ball exercises included in Strength Ball Training. Preferred by elite athletes, fitness experts, and strength and conditioning specialists, these exercises train the body as a linked system rather than targeting muscles in isolation.

Picture of The 100 Best Swimming
A simple, easy to ready handbook for competitive swimmers. Contains practical advice on stroke mechanics, training, dryland, nutrition, and mental training.

Picture of The 100 Best Swimming Drills
Find out why life is truly worth swimming from three time Olympic swimming medalist Gary Hall Sr., who takes us on a journey through the five swimming disciplines that are needed for success. He is joined by 4-time Olympic swimmer George Bovell III and NCAA swimming champion Bobby Savulich. The video was produced at the Race Club's swim training grounds in the Florida Keys.
Sports Publications International
P.O. Box 20337
Sedona, AZ 86341