Have you ever been this situation?

You're in the middle of a race, you're feeling strong and comfortable...relaxed even. If you can maintain your pace there's a good chance you'll finish above your normal rankings. "This is what it's all about" you say to yourself as you think back to all of the hard work you've put in.

From across the field you see a competitor that always seems to have an edge over you. You've never beaten them before...and now you're even with them.

Get the edge and watch this week's video.

All of a sudden doubt starts to creep in.

I'm going too fast, I need to slow down.

They're better than me, I don't belong here.

I better ease off or I'll fade at the end of this race.

So you do.

You back off. You start to feel heavy. You convince yourself you went out too hard.

When in reality you had what it takes to beat that competitor who always seems to finish ahead of you.

This week's video is about how to overcome those feelings.

Watch the video


Brenton Ford
Effortless Swimming

P.S - We're filming our new freestyle program 'Effortless Freestyle'. Here's a sneak peek at it.

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