Tuesday, May 6, 2014

USA Swimming To Me ....

USA Swimming ...To Me
May 5 at 9:04 PM

SwimToday Is Here!
USA Swimming and nine other swimming industry partners are collaborating on a summer-long campaign called SwimToday, led by five-time Olympian and 12-time medalist, Dara Torres! The lighthearted campaign proclaims swimming as the “funnest sport there is” and showcases its many benefits. The campaign is designed to bring more kids, who know how to swim, into the sport of swimming.

SwimToday TV Commercial
The following videos will be sent to hundreds of TV stations throughout the country to run as public service announcements that talk about the benefits of swimming. Along with the hundreds of TV stations, they have also been sent to your inbox!

Have a favorite? Share it on social media with the hashtag #FunnestSport! 
The #FunnestSport There Is
Do you think swimming is the #FunnestSport there is? Silly question - of course you do!  Welp, now is the time to brag to your friends about just how great our sport really is!  Tell all of your friends why swimming is the funnest sport there is using the hashtag #FunnestSport!

Speaking of social media, be sure to follow SwimToday on Twitter and Like us on Facebook! There will be daily posts and interactions showing why swimming is the #FunnetSport there is!

How Can Clubs Get Involved?
The Kits: Sometimes going old school is new school. We sent 1,500 SwimToday kits to providers that applied for them. (Hint: Following us on social media = early bird gets the worm). Soon these materials will be hanging in gyms across the country providing temptation to unsuspecting folks on treadmills, elliptical machines and spin bikes. Unfortunately, we are out of the physical kits for now, but your team can go to the SwimToday store and customize everything with your local info and order more supplies!

Utilize the social media calendar: Come on. Everybody is trying it. Seriously, we want this to be as easy as possible. This template gives you the turn-key content to be your own social media guru. Copy, paste, repeat. Boom. Make sure and include the #FunnestSport hashtag. 

Customize our materials with your local info: This is not the kind of shopping you’ll need to apologize later. First, it’s not really a “store.” Second, it’s mostly free. Third, it’s fun. Customize, download or get more of everything you need to blow this baby out and create localized marketing materials that look like they are straight out of a fancy ad agency.