Thursday, January 20, 2011

Porniti cu dreptul in Noul An.....

Start the New Year with your right foot !

Sports Performance Bulletin

From the desk of sports-science
publisher Jonathan Pye:

I'm looking for 175 sports people to test these 7 cutting-edge training techniques out for free.

You can keep all of the training materials I send to you and I'll even throw in a free designer sports watch to assist you with your training...

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> The cutting edge warm-up techniques to strengthen muscles, tendons and ligaments
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> The ULTIMATE sport specific training circuit that you can quickly design yourself, following this advice, and start using today...

> An amazing, brand new, 8 Week Strength Training Programme.

> A world-leading university lecturer in exercise metabolism reveals the secrets of using protein for effective fat burning...

...and that's just a start.

If you're one of the first 175 to respond I will send you all of them. And for free.

Dear Friend,

I'm about to hand you some of the most amazing training secrets of the world's top athletes and trainers, FREE.

All I ask in return is that you do me this small favour… I'll get to that in a minute. First, let me tell you more.

If you're one of the first 175 people to respond to this invitation to test these new training tips, I'm going to give you not one, but several crucial advantages over 99% of other athletes. Some might even say this is an "unfair advantage" because so few people have access to this type of information.

At Peak Performance, our sports training advice must go far beyond conventional wisdom to ensure the exclusive members of our invitation-only service for athletes are able to rise above the competition.

Commonplace practices do not produce outstanding performances. But imagine how much more you could accomplish if you had a whole team of highly experienced personal mentors to guide you though your training.

That's what this new free report offers...

You see, one thing I've seen time and time again during over a decade in this industry, is that almost all sports people are perpetually frustrated with some aspect of their training - be that preventing injury, strengthening core stability or finding the right exercises for their sport.

That all ends today.

You're about to get access to insider information that has been allowing a small group of men and women "in the know" to train like the world's most elite athletes.

Only 175 Places Available

This is a first come first served offer so be prepared to act fast.

If you're one of the first 175 people who respond today, I'll send you a brand new report called 'Seven Secrets For Training Success', plus, as I mentioned at the start, a FREE designer sports watch.

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Every one of the seven training secrets included in the report takes the form of practical advice - workouts you can use right away and exercises complete with illustrations for ease of use.

I'm sending you everything because I know that at least one of these secrets will make a huge difference to your training right away.

I have pulled together some of my absolute best and biggest contacts in the world of elite sports training and sports science to bring you this advice - including the head physio at a big sports club, a former international long jumper, and a top sports science lecturer from a red brick British University.

You don't get this advice for free without these sorts of contacts.

Not usually.

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If you're interested in accessing advice that could super-charge your training today I want to hear from you - quickly.

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My name is Jonathan Pye. For over a decade I've been publisher of the Peak Performance newsletter and have been at the forefront of the latest training advice for all sports.

You're probably wondering why I'm doing this...

Well, as I've already mentioned, year on year I see athletes making the same mistakes and with the same frustrations. It's a cycle that repeats again and again. So to break it, I'm releasing this brand new advice to help step up every athletes training and blast away those common mistakes and frustrations whilst boosting the results of your training beyond recognition.

But I always put my advice to the ultimate test...

So, if you are a committed athlete, willing to test my advice (and get a free designer sports watch in the process), all 100% risk free - then please read on...

I'm looking for 175 athletes who'd like to maximise their training efforts, whilst staying injury free, to try one or more of these 7 training secrets out over coming weeks and months.

Remember, I'm giving you this information for free, you're not tied to anything - you can choose to do nothing with this advice if you want, it's entirely up to you.

All I ask in return is for you to agree to test the advice printed in the Peak Performance newsletter, on trial for just $1.97...

The Seven Secrets for Training Success report and sports watch will be yours to keep - regardless of whether you decide to take a full subscription to Peak Performance or not when your trial is over...

But just because I'm prepared to give them to you for free, please don't assume that this isn't some of the best training advice out there and not from leaders in the field. Because IT IS.

I only want committed athletes to respond today. That's one of the reasons why I'm limiting the numbers on this offer.

If you want to guarantee you can access one of just 175 Places available and claim your free report and sports watch, click here now.

Why take on a trial to Peak Performance?

Well, aside from your free designer sports watch and report, a trial subscription to Peak Performance offers any serious sports person a serious competitive edge.

Peak Performance is well known as the top research newsletter on stamina, strength, and fitness and is recognised as the world's #1 source of advice for athletes, coaches, and sports science students.

With a trial $1.97 membership today, the first 175 respondents will gain access to seven groundbreaking training secrets - secrets that the sporting elite simply don't want you to have.

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All trial members will also gain access to four of the latest issues of Peak Performance, and a whole host of other members-only benefits, including extensive video content to further boost your training and sport technique and many additional free downloads.

In each issue of Peak Performance, our team persuades top coaches, physicians, sports nutritionists, physiologists, and psychologists to share their winning secrets.

Plus we spend countless hours pouring over arcane technical journals most athletes and coaches don't have time to read - everything from The Journal of Applied Physiology to Research Quarterly for Exercise and Sports - to uncover cutting edge sports science research based on proven, tested results, not theory or opinion.

Then we strip away the scientific jargon and mathematics, and distil the research into pragmatic training, nutrition, exercise, and performance techniques, in plain English that's easy and fun to read and absorb.

You get a steady stream of scientifically proven sports performance breakthroughs that you can put to work immediately, to help you achieve significant gains in stamina, strength, and fitness.

You also get practical training tips geared toward the specific sports you love to play, including swimming … running … triathlon … gymnastics … football … rugby … tennis … basketball … baseball … bodybuilding … martial arts … cycling … rowing … golf … and many more. So that you beat your own best performance … as well as crush your competitors into the ground!

Here's just a sample of the sports performance secrets readers discovered in recent issues of Peak Performance:

  • Training: how to construct a comprehensive and effective recovery strategy
  • Mind over matter - ten years of advances in sports psychology.
  • Key breakthroughs in endurance and strength training and what they mean for athletes.
  • Changing perspectives in sports nutrition - what has the past decade taught us?
  • Psychology: Catch a positive mood in your team and prevent the spread of the blues
  • Abdominal training: Why developing a six-pack is not just about vanity!
  • Warm ups: What does the latest research say about warming up for safer and more effective sport performance?
  • Strength training: A safer approach to four popular gym exercises
  • The leucine connection: new evidence on the muscle-building benefits of leucine
  • Injury: understanding and dealing with hernia in sport
  • Train low, race high - an update on the latest research into low-glycogen training.
  • Psychological momentum - what does it take to 'get on a roll'?
  • Protein in sports drinks for performance - just how effective is it?
  • Mental toughness - are you hard enough?

Access your Seven Secrets for Training Success report, reserve your free sports watch and access your trial membership for just $1.97 here. Remember, regardless of whether you continue with Peak Performance membership, your watch and report are yours to keep...

Peak Performance members say it best...

You don't need to take our word for it. Here is what our global army of members have been telling us in recent months:

I'm an amateur athlete who's rapidly approaching 40. I wanted new training exercises and routines, as well as ways to rehab and prevent injuries and Peak Performance proved to be the perfect resource in achieving this. I'm also fascinated by the scientific data that you offer - I like knowing more about why a particular technique works not just how.
Colin Campbell, Massachusetts, United States

I have enjoyed Peak Performance because it has provided me with alternative ways of approaching my training. The science behind some of the research is invaluable to my training and PP provides a format that would otherwise be inaccessible to someone like me.
Vince Sesto, Victoria, Australia

Peak Performance is about convenience and being able to source quality information easily. How could you not like that? As an 'athlete' I'm always looking for new ways to break through the platos, free up the repetition and to achieve continuous improvement. I'm sure like most people, training and working limits the research time so having Peak Performance at my finger tips is a big help.
Darran West, Adelaide, Australia

I like Peak Performance because it offers a single place to get all the latest and professional information on athletic performance. Love the videos and articles that come out on a regular basis, please keep it

Loc H Ho, Toronto, Canada

The usefulness for me as a Coach is that it keeps me fully up to date with the latest research in sports science, so that I can maximise the performance of my rugby players. Also, with a back ground as a physical education teacher, I find it not only interesting but beneficial to read about what other sports are doing to enhance the performance of their athletes.
Bernie Kelly, Co Galway, Ireland

I think this is the most comprehensive and informative resource there is available. It has helped me as a trainer and an athlete to be able to better my knowledge base in an easy to understand format. When I have questions I seem to be able to find the answers on your website. Very good value for the money.
Jason Peat, Canada

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Yours Sincerely,

Jonathan Pye
Peak Performance

PS Don't forget - everything you get is yours to keep and we'll even refund the $1.97 fee if you decide not to continue with Peak Performance. Click here now!

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