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28 Mai 2013

[Effortless Swimming] I Hate Hearing This Excuse

You should never tell a swim coach this.

I hear it all too often...and it's a cop out.

An excuse that is holding back many athletes from a smoother, more balanced freestyle...and it's to do with those two things attached to your hips.

Watch the video


Brenotn Ford
Effortless Swimming

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[Effortless Swimming] How To Get Your Hand Entry Right

This is a common mistake that slows swimmers down.

Last month in a one-on-one session with a triathlete, we discovered she was entering too early...this was good news though.

It's a fairly simple thing to fix with the right exercise.

The exercise we used is great for fixing a range of things including:

  • Entering too early
  • Being too tense in the recovery
  • Entering with the elbow instead of fingertips
  • Low elbow in the recovery

Watch the video now!

This exercise is one of my favourites. It's easy to do and works incredibly well.


Brenton Ford
Effortless Swimming

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