Perfect abs, enviable arms—Dara Torres is as strong as can be and continues to redefine established wisdom about staying in shape at any age. So, what's her secret? In Gold Medal Fitness you'll find all of Torres' tips for getting back into the game and staying in shape for many years to come. Her unique combination of stretching and strengthening exercises both tone and elongate your muscles, leaving you with that perfectly sculpted and slender shape.
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Made of 100 percent silicone for durability and easier fit, these fins enable anyone from a novice to an Olympic swimmer achieve an exact balanced kick, while using their preferred armstroke. As well as strengthening and toning the muscles, using the fins during swim training gives the legs neuro-musclular memory so that when the swimmer swims without fins, they kick more effectively.
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Great for use during workout or at a meet, the swim belt is designed for both speed-assisted and resistance swim training.
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Some of the best coaches in history offer their unique perspectives on producing the most successful individual athletes and teams in the sport. From preparing swimmers for competition and marketing your swim team to the art of coaching and tips on training each stroke, this is one of the most essential books for any coach's library!
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Give the swimming fan in your life a subscription to the magazine filled with news, features and results from aquatic sports. Special gift card included.
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