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Mircea Potter Olaru
About the BEST concept - what does it mean?

It is a formula with which we can mathematically calculate the individual efficiency + the effectiveness of the technique for each swim-stroke; the formula has been inspired by the ancient aphorism – Festina lente…! (Suetonius / 69-141 a C.,Les ’Douse Cesars’)

For swimming (it can be adapted for other sports, too), the ‘BEST formula’ (the Biomechanical Efficiency Swimming Test, acronimus) may be described as follows:
[ P.G.I. + (K) ] - [ Time in sec. / 50m + Number of arm-strokes / 50m ] = ....points
the score, in points, of the Biomechanical Efficiency Swimming Test (B.E.S.T.)
(K) = a positive constant, chosen by convention, ex..for BEST formula = 100 points
------------------------ and
P.G.I. = the Personal Gliding Index, computed like this
[ L. + (K) ] - [ Kg.+ Q ] =
L. = maximum length of the body in floating position (ventral)
(K) = again a positive constant, chosen by convention, ex. 100 points Kg. = weight, Q = circumference of the thorax in max. expiration (under armpits)

I hope you'll be able to understand that “Mircea’s BEST formula” (publicated since 1983) can provide a mathematical evaluation of the swimming efficiency, and can also be used to improve it.
The BEST Definitions,
1/The corect swim-technique means the efficiency of the movements in the water; it can be calculated by this way: add the number of the seconds and the number of the stroke-cicles (by 50m) and this sume will be extracted from the other constant sume provided from adition of the one constant value (K) (100) plus the Index of the personal Gliding (IPG)

2/The objectivity of the ‘best formula’ results from this new exercise of logic: ‘we add two value (time+stroke), this values have their sense descendent (!)…, and, after we substrate this sum from one constant value (accidentally (k) = 100 + ipg points)’.
in this mod we can obtain (very easy, by mental way) the supreme value of the swimming efficiency.

3/The index personal of gliding (ipg) is lake a ‘credit card’ (the validity is minimum one year): with this ipg we can organize the series of the race in perfect ‘faire-play’ (indifferent of the sex or age) the competitors with same or appropriate values will be introduce in the same series …the periodical calcul of this ipg formula is found with regarding to the hydrodynamics principle (reynolds+froude), so: ‘’from the value of the maximum longer of the body (ventral float position)(L.) / in additions with another accidentally value constant (k=100), we will substrate the sum of the nr. of kgr. (weight) with the Q. (nr. of cm. of the circumference of the upper thorax in deep expiration). ‘L.’+(k) – ( ‘kgr.’ + ‘q.’)

4/The valability of the index personal of gliding (ipg) results from that – all criteria selected to make the series for the challenge was selected from the normal natural selection:
when the longer of the body is big…
when the weight of the body is light...
when the frontal section of the body is small
the float, the gliding and the swimming speed will be more efficiency to advance better with one correct technique !
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