The Peak Performance
Strength Training Master Class

"Forget what you've read before... This is the smarter 
way to get stronger, more powerful muscles and trounce 
your competition."

Dear Mircea,
FACT: Your opponents don't want you to read this message.
Why? Because what I am about to tell you will transform the way you train, and set you up for killer performances from here on out.
I've lined up an expert team of training advisors that are ready and waiting to show you how to get strongerfaster and more powerfulthan you've ever been, and in the shortest time possible. (Their combined experience would be enough to make your rivals green in the face.)
At your next race, game or event, you're going to blow the competition away.
You'll be in the form of your life – guaranteed.
So, how will you achieve this?
Simple. By focusing on one fundamental aspect of your training that a number of athletes, coaches and trainers neglect at their peril: strength training.
The Peak Performance Strength Training Master Class has been commissioned to turn you into a force to be reckoned with.
Inside these 8 reports are the cutting-edge techniques, little-known tips and proven training plans and workouts that are going to help you break through to the next level in sports performance.
And there's no sky-high price tag.
For serious competitors like you, there's even a 79% discount when you order today.

Give me strength!

Tall or short. Big or small. Power or endurance. Whatever your size, frame or sport, you need to focus on building up your muscle strength if you want to be a winner today.
It makes sense.
Stronger muscles can contract at a quicker rate, and therefore generate explosive power, speed and force as required. They can go for longer without reaching fatigue, and give you that extra burst of energy when you need it most.
Vitally, muscular strength and injury prevention also go hand in hand. Boost your body's resilience against the demands you place on it and you'll stay injury-free.
But you need to forget what the traditional ‘rulebooks' tell you.
This isn't something that's going to be achieved through the old school myth of lifting 3 sets of 10 in the gym. (Frankly, you'd be wasting your time.)
In recent years, sports science has thrust such ‘trusted' methods under the microscope and in more than one instance, proven them to be wrong.
At last, we know what really turns muscle growth and development ‘on'.
And my team of sports performance experts have seen the effects of these techniques first-hand, at an elite level. (More on their backgrounds in a moment.)
Now, we've put all of them into one definitive, practical training resource for you.
You won't need to look anywhere else when it comes to the whys and hows of enhancing your muscle strength. It's all right here.
In Peak Performance's Strength Training Master Class, my team are going to give you the lowdown on the latest research findings, and show you how to slot them right into your training and conditioning routine.
Your 8-part master class will take you through every aspect of training for increased levels of strength:
PART 1: Strength Training – new advances for maximum gains
First, we'll get you bang up to date with the current thinking and best practices in strength training, and reveal the secrets of how certain factors can be manipulated to achieve the desired strength outcome for your sport, even if you're an endurance athlete.
PART 2: Resistance Training – the next level
Any form of muscle strengthening needs to include resistance training, so here we'll show you how to get it 100% right, without adding unnecessary bulk or causing injury, and take your gym sessions one stage further.
PART 3: Training for Speed, Power & Strength
If your sport is of the explosive variety, then you need to know how to channel your strength into faster, more powerful movements. The highly-targeted exercises and drills in this report will be just the trick.
PART 4: Creatine – cutting through the myths
Enhanced strength can also be achieved through the right combination of training and taking this legalproven supplement. We sort out the facts from the fiction to show you how creatine can work for your body and boost sports performance dramatically.
PART 5: Protein Nutrition – for peak performance
Nature's way of getting stronger! This report is all about why protein is as vital for your muscle development as hitting the gym, and you'll discover new ways you might not have tried before for maximising your intake.
PART 6: The Complete Guide to Circuit Training
Circuits are a far more advanced training tool than most athletes realise, which is why we've included this cutting-edge report on using them to super-charge your strength and improve speed, skill, agility or endurance in your sport.
PART 7: Advanced Fitness Training – for elite sports performance
Being strong means being fit, and to stay fit all year round you need to train across a number of fronts. This final report will show you how best to fit your strength training around your other programmes, and maximise your sports fitness and potential.
PART 8: Weight Training Techniques to Maximise Your Sports Performance
Sports science has taught us a great deal about weight training. Do the ‘wrong' type for your sport and you could actually hamper your progress! Better follow these techniques then (including training secrets of Olympic gold medallists) to make sure you get it spot on.
This is a universal strength tool for every dedicated athlete.
Whether your goal is explosive power, muscular endurance, or maximal strength, you can bet that you'll have all angles and bases covered here.

Supreme strength = superior performance

You know those world-class professional athletes you look up to?
They got to the top of their game by dedicating a good portion of their training – not just in pre-season, but during the entire year – to building up and maintaining muscle strength.
Think about it... What's going to give your performance that extra boost?
When it's neck and neck during a long race, increased levels of strength will help you edge out your fellow runners in that final stretch to the finish line.
When you're faced with opponents who used to overpower or outrun you on the pitch, increased levels of strength will mean that they are no longer a threat.
You can smash your personal best by jumping higher and longer, or throwing further.
You can make incredible gains in your chosen arena - and ward off unnecessary injury - by following the right training programme. One that's based on hard, scientific fact. Not the ‘myths' of the past that no longer apply.
To get this sort of high-end knowledge from sessions with a coach would cost you hundreds of dollars. But we're not even talking about triple figures today.
And your personal team is made up of professionals with credentials like these:
  • Andrew Hamilton BSc Hons, MRSC, ACSM is the editor of Peak Performance. He is also a member of the Royal Society of Chemistry, the American College of Sports Medicine and a consultant to the fitness industry, specialising in sport and performance nutrition.
  • James Marshall MSc, CSCS, ACSM/HFI, runs Excelsior, a sports training company, and coaches several award-winning athletes, including a 2010 Commonwealth Games silver medallist.
  • John Shepherd MA is a specialist health, sport and fitness writer and a former international long jumper.
  • Keith Baar runs the Functional Molecular Biology laboratory at the University of Dundee, UK where his research involves looking for genes that alter muscle and tendon function.
  • Mike Gittleson ran the University of Michigan strength and conditioning programme for 30 years, where he applied many of these techniques to increase the strength of elite athletes.
  • Phil Gardiner is a United Kingdom Athletics (UKA) Level 4 coach, with a wealth of experience mainly coaching sprinters. However, he has also applied his skills to conditioning athletes from other sports – most notably rugby. He is based in the North East.
  • Amanda Carlson MS RD is the director of the US based Performance Nutrition and Research Athletes' Performance, and directs a team of performance nutritionists who develop year-long systems of success for wide range of professional athletes.
  • Nick Grantham is a strength and conditioning coach who has worked with elite athletes for the past 10 years. He has trained many of the country's elite athletes, including Olympic and Paralympic finalists, and professionals in a multitude of sports. He now heads the Strength and Conditioning team at GENR8 Fitness.
  • John Sampson is a lecturer at the University of Wollongong, Australia. He is currently completing his PhD studying the effects of resistance training and the associated skeletal muscle adaptations.
  • Dr Kevin Tipton is a senior lecturer in exercise metabolism in the School of Sport and Exercise Sciences at the University of Birmingham UK.
  • Andy Harrison BSc, MSc is a physiologist who works as athlete services manager for the English Institute of Sport.
You won't find any other strength training product with this number or level of esteemed sports experts contributing to it.
This is 796 pages of practical training advice that you can't get anywhere else.
You'll receive all 8 hard copy reports in one box, delivered direct to your door. Just think... this single package could be the catalyst for an unparalleled change in your career.
The Strength Training Master Class is available to you right now with a 79% discount and comes with a full 30 days for you to try it out in your home or at your gym or sports club, and decide whether you want to keep it.
It's a proposition that'll be pretty near impossible to beat.
Your rivals don't want you to change a single aspect of your training. They'd prefer it if you continued to prepare for competition in the same way you've always done.
It's time to wipe the smiles off their faces – and get pumping!
Yours in sport,

Jonathan Pye
Publisher, Peak Performance

Your complete toolkit for 
maximum strength and success

Achieve your goals with the aid of the Peak Performance experts

If it's in here, it's because it works. This is a comprehensive library for every athlete, coach or trainer that wants to get more speed and more power (while protecting their body from injury) and excel in their sport.
Your specialist team of training advisors – which includes leading sports physiologists, elite trainers, expert writers and strength and conditioning coaches – are ready to get you in the shape of your career.
Get started now!
PART ONE: Strength Training – new advances for maximum gains
The new rules for developing killer strength
  • Get strength that's specific to YOUR sport
  • Achieve joint goals of increased strength AND endurance
This is, quite simply, the ABCs of strength training in the 21st century:proven scientific advice for priming your muscles for unbeatable performance, whatever what your sport.
There's a ready-to-use, 8-week programme for increasing your general strength capabilities – with workouts planned right down to the last rep and set – before we show you how to optimise your training at a more advanced level for targeted results.
Apply these little-known tweaks for exercise choice and order, loads, recovery time and intensity and you'll quickly see your strength ramped up to extraordinary new levels!
PART TWO: Resistance Training – the next level
Make your gym sessions work harder for you
  • Train safely and in line with elite best practice
  • Enhance endurance without gaining excessive mass
You want reliable, unbiased advice on how to take your weight lifting routines up a notch, without damaging performance or leading to injury? You've got it.
This fresh science on resistance training will help you find the approach that's best-matched to your strength objectives (periodisation, plyometrics and potentiation to name a few) and show you that to see dramatic improvements, you don't always have to find a new exercise. (Hint: it's all about variety.)
Endurance athletes, triathletes, sportswomen and youths... you all have something to gain here too: weight training routines, programmes and exercises just for you!
PART THREE: Training for Speed, Power & Strength
Get world-class techniques for explosive results
  • Fast-forward muscle growth and development
  • Unleash your body's potential for dynamic movement
Our sports conditioning dream team - John Shepherd and Raphael Brandon - are ready to turn up the heat on your training!
They're serving up a feast of tried-and-tested tips, drills and workout plans for boosting strength, increasing speed and enhancing power – already used by top professional athletes – that can be easily applied across a wide range of sporting interests.
Start using these targeted exercises for fine-tuning your muscles (in ways that mirror what you do during actual competition) to assist your basic training and you'll blast out of the blocks quicker, make more forceful turns, power harder through the pool, and even resist a decline in speed as you age... and leave your opponents behind.
PART FOUR: Creatine – cutting through the myths
Stimulate your muscles to work harder and for longer
  • Get increased strength and power gains from training
  • Enhance your results in short-term or endurance sports
Combining creatine with weight training can be a powerful formula for muscle development (it delivers more energy during high-intensity exercise, improving the quality of your sessions), but it's vital that you get the mix absolutely right.
Consult the findings of our battery of experts - including one of the world's leading authorities - and you'll uncover what this natural supplement can do for you, how and when to take it, and the best ways to integrate it into your current programme.
Despite what you may have heard, endurance athletes (i.e. distance runners, rowers and cyclists) stand to benefit from creatine just as much as power and strength athletes. Best get up to speed with this report then!
PART FIVE: Protein Nutrition – for peak performance
Crack the nutrition code for optimum results
  • Build and maintain a set of strong, lean muscles
  • Develop the right muscle mass for endurance
You can't expect your body to react to intensive strength training if you don't feed it properly. So in this report, we take on the protein debate to do away with the need for consulting a sports nutritionist (or eat absurd amounts of raw eggs) to keep your muscle mass at the correct levels.
(Hint: there's one new option in here that involves a liquid you already have in your refrigerator.)
We outline practical feeding strategies for both power and endurance athletes - based on surprising findings that set out the right quantity, timings and sources of protein intake – to ensure your strength mission stays right on track.
PART SIX: The Complete Guide to Circuit Training
Unlock the full potential of a sports training staple
  • Improve your all-over strength levels
  • Eliminate sport-specific weaknesses
Meet one of your most powerful allies for building and maintaining strength: circuit training. For achieving quick and powerful results, it's a technique that cannot be beaten.
The combined expertise of PP's John Shepherd and Phil Gardiner will show you how to design a ‘super circuit' – one that is customised to your personal requirements, not just for general fitness – and will snap your muscles into shape, even if you don't have access to a gym.
Endurance athletes: you'll get an especially BIG boost from this report, as we provide circuits with a high number of repetitions and short recovery periods, to encourage your muscles to continue to contract under conditions of fatigue – just like you would when competing.
PART SEVEN: Advanced Fitness Training – for elite sports performance
Create the ultimate year-round training programme
  • See your performance peak at the right times
  • Maximise strength gains and muscle growth
Lasting sports strength requires you to sustain high levels of all-over fitness, all year round. Therefore, you need to know how strength training fits in with your other requirements (and can complement them, for enhanced performance).
So that's exactly what we cover in this final part. These revolutionary guidelines will show you how to structure your longer-term training in the most time-efficient, results-driven manner. A significant part of this report is likely to go against what coaches advised you in the past!
Once you've finished this report, you'll know how to work towards goals such as strength and endurance simultaneously, and use training combinations to speed recovery times and greatly reduce injury risk.
PART EIGHT: Weight Training Techniques to Maximise Your Sports Performance
Perfect the strength and power outcomes of your workouts
  • Utilise the 'hidden effects' of weight training for added gains
  • Combine plyometrics with weights for super-charged performance
There's far more to weight training than just lifting dumbbells. To get the most out of your sessions and see the biggest improvements in strength, power and competition, you need to understand the science behind it.
And it's in this bonus part that we use advances in weight training science to get down to the nitty-gritty of how your programme should be structured: what weights you should be using; how many reps and sets to perform; and the optimum rest length for maximum power and strength. Plus, we reveal two, often overlooked, weight training ‘tools' that could be the key to your success.
There's no doubt that you'll be in a much stronger position after reading this report to understand what weight training can do for you when you get it right.

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