Open water racing is all about beating your friends.

After a race, the beer tastes a whole lot better when 
you're not paying. 

Our new open water video course takes you step 
by step through how to improve each part of your 
open water swim.

It's now available online at

Here's what you'll get in the course:
  • Where to best position yourself in the pack
  • How to draft most effectively
  • When to overtake
  • How to conserve energy in a race
  • How to adjust your stroke to suit all conditions
  • The 'punch and flow' stroke that elite swimmers use
  • Effective ways to start your race
  • How to sight so you know where you are in the water
  • When to pick up the pace in a race
  • When to start running as you approach the beach
For this course I've teamed up with Australian national 
open water swimmer Sam Shepperd. 

He's one of the toughest racers I've ever seen and 
was my number  one choice to feature in the videos.

It's $39.95 but with the coupon 'freebeer' 
you will save $10 (when you buy before Monday 
August 20th at midnight).


Brenton Ford
Effortless Swimming Head Coach

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