Friday, August 30, 2013

Breastroke Pullout

Mircea Olaru Mircea Olaru • I know what was discussed at Barcelona in TSC ... but you wonder if it would not be fair play if at all styles could turn without touching the wall ..., this is speculation not a fact!

Do not worry too much - Breastroke has always been subject to attempts to change ... but eventually all remained Breastroke [ for ex.: 1927, German Rademacher began to pull his arms out of the water, releasing no idea of ​​the future style nr. 4 = Butterfly ... and in 1935 Alfred Sieg swam the first time under the supervision of coach David Armbruster = Dolfin // 1.00,2/100 yd ...] have a happy day ....

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The Shotgun Approach by Brenton.....

[Effortless Swimming] The Shotgun Approach

I've been fortunate enough to work with many top swimmers across many different sports.

Open water, pool, distance swimming...

Yet the 'shotgun approach' to training is something they all avoid like the plague but it's something I see too many athletes doing.

Watch this week's video

Have a great week!


Brenton Ford
Effortless Swimming

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Trending Swimming World Stories - August 27, 2013

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August 27, 2013
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Mack Horton Wins Double Gold to Open World Junior Swimming Championships
DUBAI, United Arab Emirates. OLYMPIC champion Ruta Meilutyte was not the only headliner of today's competition at the world junior swimming long course championships, as Australia's Mack Horton impressed with two gold medals in distance and sprint events.
Alicia Coutts Rattles World Record; Takes Down Commonwealth Standard
SYDNEY, Australia. DURING the second night of full competition at the Australian Short Course Championships, Olympian Alicia Coutts made a run at the women's 100-meter IM world record before settling for the Commonwealth and Australian standard in the event.
Michael Phelps Continuing to Change the Sport With Skill Centers
SACO, Maine. AFTER 12 years of working with agent Peter Carlisle and his team at Octagon Sports, Michael Phelps finally made the trip to the company headquarters in Maine this week, under the guise of checking on the progress of a new business venture.
Would You Swim In the Hudson River For a Sponsor? Ryan Lochte Did
NEW YORK CITY, New York. ONE of the responsibilities that comes with being a professional athlete is fulfilling sponsor obligations. Normally, an athlete would participate in a photo shoot or make a brief appearance to promote the brand that's paying them a large sum of money. But that's not how Ryan Lochte does things.
USA Swimming To Undergo Voluntary Review of Safe Sport Program
PHOENIX, Arizona. USA Swimming's Safe Sport Program, designed to protect athletes by investigating and eliminating members who violate the organization's Code of Conduct, will be thoroughly investigated by a leading child abuse expert this fall.
Six Southern California Trojans Pay Visit to Coach Peter Daland
THOUSAND OAKS, California. LEGENDARY coach Peter Daland and his wife, Ingrid, are settling into a new retirement community northwest of Los Angeles, and earlier this week got a surprise visit from six of his superstar athletes from the heyday of his stint as head coach at the University of Southern California.
Georgia Kicks Off Swim Season With Release of Harlem Shake Making-Of Video
ATHENS, Georgia. THE "Harlem Shake" viral video craze has pretty much ended, but no one told the Georgia men's swimming team, whose popular video netted more than 37 million views and an appearance on the "Today" show.
Water Polo Player Chay Lapin Proposed on Live Television! Did She Say Yes?
LOS ANGELES, California. OLYMPIC water polo goalkeeper Chay Lapin has battled the utmost pressure from some of the world's best players hurling balls at him through a successful career, but nothing could match the pressure he likely felt last night on the Bravo television series "Watch What Happens Live."
Team USA Wins FINA World Women's Junior Water Polo Championship
LAUSANNE, Switzerland. THE team of USA won the FINA World Women's Junior Water Polo Championships, organised in Volos (GRE) from August 19-25, 2013. In the decisive game of the competition, the North Americans triumphed over Spain by 9-7. The Iberians were the 2011 champions, and at senior level had also lost to the North Americans in the 2012 Olympic final, clinching however the world title at the recent 15th FINA World Championships in Barcelona (ESP). For USA, this result was a huge improvement compared with the eighth place two years ago in the Junior World Championships.
USA Diving Crowns First-Time Champions At Summer Nationals
IOWA CITY, Iowa. THE USA Diving nationals featured a few members of the country's world championships team collecting titles in various events, though Sam Dorman was the highlight of the meet with three individual wins.
Alex Meyer, Christine Jennings Win 19-Kilometer Open Water Swim in Poland
GDYNIA, Poland. ALEX Meyer and Christine Jennings pulled off decisive victories in rough and chilly waters today at the BCT Gdynia Marathon swim in northern Poland.
Veterans Win Inaugural Kaiwi Channel Swim
SANDY BEACH, Hawaii. TWO teams started right in the early morning hours on August 24th at the inaugural Ka'iwi Channel Swim on Kepuhi Beach on the western shores of Molokai Island - and they nearly finished together 9 hours later on Sandy Beach on Oahu.
Reymond Axel, Martina Grimaldi Take Home Titles at FINA Open Water Grand Prix Stop
LAUSANNE, Switzerland. REYMOND Axel, from France, and Martina Grimaldi, from Italy, won the 30km-race on August 24 in Ohrid Lake (MKD), the seventh leg of the 2013 circuit of the FINA Open Water Swimming Grand Prix.
Morning Swim Show: Elizabeth Beisel On Turning 21, Starting Senior Year
PHOENIX, Arizona. ELIZABETH Beisel joins today's edition of The Morning Swim Show on the cusp of starting her senior year at the University of Florida.
Streamlined News: Punishment in Australia, Prepping for World Juniors
PHOENIX, Arizona. DOWN Under in Australia, the six members of the Olympic 400 free relay that had pulled pranks during a pre-Olympics training camp last year were faced with the possibility of getting more severe fines and punishment from the Australian Olympic Committee, five months after Swimming Australia had already fined them and issued deferred sentences. But earlier today, the AOC decided to only hang a warning over their heads, saying the six -- James Magnussen, James Roberts, Matt Targett, Eamon Sullivan, Tom D'Orsogna and Cameron McEvoy -- could lose the chance to compete at the 2016 Olympics if they "bring themselves or their sport into disrepute" in the next three years. They could also be fined up to $150,000 in addition to losing out on their Olympic dream.
Poll of the Week: A Current in the World Championships Pool? (Results)
PHOENIX, Arizona. IN the days following the world swimming championships in Barcelona, there was much talk about the possibility of a water current existing in the pool in the Palau Sant Jordi, which would have affected outcome of many races, including the 50s. Our friends at the Counsilman Center at Indiana University crunched the numbers and concluded that an anomaly was present. We wanted to know if you agreed with those findings, and the results in our last poll were as close as we've ever seen them. By a margin of just 2.08 percent, the majority of voters believed that a current did not exist in the pool, with 51.04 percent of the vote, while 48.96 percent said a current did exist.
Last Day to Register Online for ASCA World Clinic Coming Up
The last day to register online for the 2013 ASCA World Clinic being held in New Orleans is this Friday.
Dr. Detective: Digging for Clues Behind Shoulder Labrum Pain
SANTA CLARA, California. SHOULDER pain can sometimes be due to the rotator cuff muscles. However, there are numerous passive and active structures in the shoulder which cause pain and dysfunction. Luckily, surgery isn't also required. This case of Dr. Detective takes the case of an age-group swimmer and water polo player with a history of shoulder pain, but luckily, resolves without surgery.
Suspended Breaststroke Kick Exercise from JR Rosania
PHOENIX, Arizona. JR Rosania, of JR HealthPlex, has University of California, San Diego incoming freshman Jaimie Bryan demonstrate an exercise that can be used to improve a swimmer's breaststroke strength.
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Monday, August 26, 2013

Annie's Tips For Your Kick! ...........

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This week on the blog, new Swim Smooth team member and coach Annie Oberlin-Harris gives you her tips on improving your kicking technique for beginner and intermediate swimmers. Go Annie! :

I've been coaching all levels of swimmer from beginner to advanced swimmers for many years and have seen all sorts of kicking technique along the way: bendy knees, sinky legs, feet pointing downward, half breaststroke kick (with freestyle arms!), the classic overglider-kickstart and even a full whip kick! As you probably appreciate, none of these are good!

For example the swimmer below is bending a lot from the knee as he kicks. Notice how the whole of the front of his thigh will be causing drag by pushing water the wrong way (forwards):

If you're learning to swim freestyle it's quite likely that you are kicking ineffectively and this is making things much harder than they need to be. By this I mean either bending your knees too much when you kick, kicking too hard or even dragging your legs low behind you making staying streamlined virtually impossible.

There's no magic to kickING efficiently, it is actually really easy when you know how! Studies into Ian Thorpe’s leg kick showed that even he could only generate about 10-15% propulsion from it (with super flexible size 17 feet!), the vast majority of his propulsion was from his upper body. Pool sprint swimmers may wish to develop a strong leg kick but for the majority of people doing triathlon or long distance and open water swimming, you should be looking to minimise your energy expenditure from your leg kick. You are just using it to keep your legs high to reduce drag.

Here's three of my favourite exercises to try to improve your kick:

1. Lie on your front on the floor or poolside with your forehead down, body straight with legs together. Now lift one of your legs up straight. Look behind at what that leg is really doing - are you bending at the knee? If you are then you need to learn to lift your leg up WITHOUT bending your knee, so you can actually kick from your hip. Use your lower back, glutes and hamstrings to pick that leg up about 15cm / 6 inches off the ground, keeping your knee straight and your toe pointed. Repeat a few times on each side, then have a go alternating with a faster rhythm as you would in the water.

2. In the pool, hold the wall or steps with both hands and keep your arms straight.  Put your head in the water looking at the pool floor beneath you and gently exhale.  Lift your legs up so your body is fully horizontal kicking lightly with your new straighter leg technique.  Think about trying to keep your legs within what I call 'the shadow of your body' - no deeper or wider than your torso behind you.

Turn your feet in like pigeon toes and brush your big toes together lightly as they pass. Close your eyes and tune into what you can feel - can you feel the surface of the water or bubbles with your toes? It should feel very soft as you lightly break the surface with your ankles (don't lift your whole foot clear of the water).

Kicking like this will remove the need to use lots of energy but keep your legs high up to reduce drag. If you keep your core engaged and you are kicking correctly from the hip you'll notice your body starts to roll slightly with every kick, right up to your shoulders!

3. Perform a normal torpedo push off with your hands streamlined one on top of the other, head underneath your arms and push off the wall, legs straight and together, and toes pointed.  Just at the point that your momentum slows, start to lightly flutter kick. Tap your big toes together as they pass, let your ankles stay floppy and let the kick bring your legs up high. Perform this drill without lifting your head to breathe if you can, if you lift your head you will immediately feel more downward pressure on your legs.

Whilst moving down the pool, make your kick gentler and gentler until eventually you feel a threshold and they start to sink. When you're kicking with good technique you will be amazed at how gently you can kick without sinking. This low level of kicking effort is what you should be aiming for in your full freestyle stroke - if you are kicking any harder you are burning a lot of energy and oxygen doing so which will leave you really short of breath.

Push off again but this time go into your full freestyle stroke, reproducing that gentle kicking technique you just learnt. Remember nice straight legs, floppy ankles, feet pointed inwards. Let your arms do the work instead and feel the difference.

So, get down to the pool and use these new techniques to start kicking effectively. You’ll be amazed how much easier swimming freestyle will feel - let your arms do the work!

Post on the comments of this post and let me know how you got on!

Annie! @swimsmoothannie

Also see our full article on leg kick on the Swim Smooth website here:
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