Wednesday, November 16, 2011

6 pasi spre a deveni 'super-vitezist'

Get super fast in 6 steps!
Wednesday, November 16, 2011 11:12 AM
"Sports Performance Bulletin"
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'Switch on' super-fast sprint speed in 6 quick lessons!

Dear Mircea,

Speed is the vital factor that determines performance in many sports.

Track and field, football, rugby, hockey, cricket, running, cycling, track sprinting, martial arts, racket sports and others all need sudden bursts of top speed to deliver a winning performance.

However, although powerful acceleration is a vital component for so many sports, most people believe (falsely!) that:
Those blessed with great speed, or great strength, are born with a higher percentage of 'fast-twitch' muscle fibres.
No amount of speed and power training will turn a 'carthorse into a racehorse'.

I am about to prove that neither of those two assumptions is true! I will reveal how, with our help, you can build up and increase your fast-twitch fibres - and give your sprint speed an incredible boost.

Best wishes,

Jonathan Pye
Peak Performance
'Switch on' the speed with our new Speed Training for Sprinting pack

Our new Speed Training for Sprinting pack reveals how, with the right training, you can positively develop more of the fibres needed for dynamic speed and power. Here's how it's done:

The distribution of fast-twitch fibres is actually fairly evenly distributed between our muscles at birth. Most of us will possess somewhere between 45-55% fast-twitch and 45-55% slow-twitch fibres.

The reality is, fast-twitch fibres are quite lazy. They need to be prodded into action by considerable mental input. This increases the flow of electrical impulses to the motor units and literally 'switches them on'.

The key to unlocking maximal speed lies in training. Without training we will be neither super-endurance, nor super-fast, strong or powerful. For the majority, our speed and power depends on the way our sporting experiences are shaped, and crucially, how we train our muscle fibres throughout our sporting career

Training fast-twitch fibre correctly and consistently is the key to improved strength, speed and power. And that training comes in three parts.

The enhancement of speed relies not only on training (1) The muscles, but also (2) the mind – and, as recent sports scientific studies prove, (3) the central nervous system as well.

Click on this link for details of this special offer, or read on for more about the Sprint Training for Speed pack.
Act now to receive our triple Peak Performance bonus

Our new Speed Training for Sprinting pack is suitable for all sportsmen, sportswomen, athletes and coaches - and if you order today you receive a triple bonus:
Discover how to unlock your maximum sprint speed - no matter what you are currently achieving
Protect your ligaments, muscles and tendons from the increased power you unlock
Receive the Speed Training for Sprinting pack completely free of charge!

Sprinting requires relaxation and perfect technique – and this new 6-part pack will improve your sprint speed fast while mentally preparing your central nervous system for maximum performances.

You'll discover how, if you are really focused and in 'the zone' the flow of electrical impulses from the brain can be virtually continuous. And with the right training, at the right level, continuous 'neuronal stimulation' will increase muscular tension, speed and power capability.

The programme is for all those involved in track and field sports, sprinting, swimming, martial arts, racket sports etc. as a means to condition greater power and base sprint speed.The Speed Training for Sprinting pack is only available
through us, for those applying through this message./.........../

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