Thursday, May 29, 2014

Fie-i tzarana usoara... a fost un om bun si cumparat

valeriu taranu
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             (  cateva fotografii ,din care ultima din octombrie 2013 in PANTELIMON unde locuia )
 cu nespusa tristete  vali
Dumnezeu sa-l odihneasca, Amin; 
'Nea Mihai" / Mihai Constantin, a fost cel care atunci cand am fost intrebat de seful delegatiei turce la Balcaniada de inot 1973, Buc., daca 'vreau sa lucrez acolo ca antrenor'...., a fost primul care a dat din cap [ca 'DA'], iar incuvintarea lui m-o dus pe meleagurile alea,  schimbandu-mi viata. 
Regret ca am aflat stire asta neagra tocmai din Normandie, de la Valy si nu de la cei de aici de aproape... asa-i viata, asa suntem noi... nepasatori si cu un fel de egoism instictual [am sters adjectivul...] greu de inteles.

Doame ajuta-ne !

MO 29 Mai 2014, Buc.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Si 'britonii' fac inot.....

WIN FREE swimming for a year AND a weekend swimming break!

We’re offering one lucky winner a 12 month swimming pass and a two night swimming holiday for four.
the asa
As our competition winner, you’ll win a FREE 12 month pass to a swimming pool of your choice.
But that’s not all -
you will also enjoy a two night swimming break for a family of four or two adults at any Intercontinental Hotels Group (IHG) in a location of your choice.
To enter, follow the link below and fill out the short form - It’s that simple!

Get more from the ASA

Click on the logos below to access more information from the ASA
Learn to swim
The ASA is the English National Governing Body for Swimming, Diving, Water Polo, Open Water and Synchronised Swimming and aims to ensure everybody has an opportunity to learn to swim. If you are interested in getting involved, please visit

Monday, May 19, 2014

Improve Your Frontcrawl

Technique Tips: Improve Your Frontcrawl

ASA and British Swimming
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May 2014

Technique Tips: Improve your Frontcrawl

Technique Tips: Improve your Frontcrawl

Swimming better through constant stroke improvement is a key element of Swimfit. So to make sure you are squeezing the most out of your time in the pool here are a few advanced front crawl tips and videos to help you on your way!
As a swimmer, we don't have to tell you how important it is to perfect your strokes to swim better, so we have developed a few top tips and advice from the experts at the ASA.
Click here to find out more

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Fran Halsall's Core Exercises for Swimming

Fran Halsall's Core Exercises for Swimming

Join Commonwealth and European champion Fran Halsall and develop your core strength to support your swimming.
With bullet point descriptions and pictures of Fran in work-out postions, it's everything you'll need to get on the fast-track to that summer six-pack!
Click here for more information
Get Social with Swimfit

Get Social with Swimfit

We all know how tough it is to get into a new workout programme and stick to it. Well, no man is an island and with Swimfit you need never feel alone!
Swimfit is so much more than a workout programme. With unique online support, our Swimfit Facebook and Twitter pages offer a supportive and motivational online community of 'Swimfitters' who log on and share their own experiences or advice.

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Saturday, May 17, 2014

The Guide To Core Workouts

The Definitive Guide To Core Workouts + Watch The NEW Trailer For Chris Nolan's Interstellar + The iWatch + Sunny Leone + The Reason You're Scaring O

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May 16, 2014
Core workouts
The Best Core Workouts
Because you're getting pudgy.
To make things very simple, your “core” is the part of your body that should look like a tube sock filled with billiard balls and not like a garbage bag filled with mayonnaise. Here’s how to make the transition.

Stephen Colbert Turned 50 This Week, So We Looked At His Best Old School Clips
Red Bull Built Ski Runs In The Middle Of A Town. We Strapped GoPros To The Skiers
What Baseball Taught Cal Ripken Jr. About Being A Leader And A Man
Wow. This Trailer For Christopher Nolan's Interstellar Is Pretty Phenomenal
Red Flags

Here are the behaviors that will make women suspect you are crazy. We’re not saying stop, but maybe make up for them with an iWatch or something.


Wireless charging! Futuristic flexible glass! A lower case “i” somewhere in the product name! Yeah, you want this.

As much as (we think) we love the iWatch, it doesn't exist yet. But this watch does -- and it could be yours. For free. It's pretty damn easy to enter, too.
Memorial Day
Make The Most Of Your Memorial Day
World of Warcraft can wait. So can Game of Thrones. Basically, anything with dragons misses the mark. It’s time to get out there.
Michael B. Jordan
AskMen Interviews: Michael B. Jordan
You have to be pretty talented to make a name for yourself when your name is already “Michael Jordan.” But the former Wire star is up to the task.

An Intimate Glimpse Inside Sunny Leone
It’s difficult enough to transition from watching porn to, say, leaving the house. So, to go from starring in it to Bollywood is a pretty big move.
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