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An Exclusive Training Masterplan

An Exclusive Training Masterplan

Sports Performance Bulletin

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Your complete training and performance masterplan…

TWO World Sports Science workbooks

worth $199.98 but yours for just $1.97!

The World Sports Science Training Workbook


The World Sports Science Performance Workbook

Dear athlete,

Together, these two World Sports Science Workbooks provide the most comprehensive training and performance program available for athletes today. Under the terms of this special offer, you can download both of these amazing workbooks for just $1.97! Scroll down for a summary of each workbook:

The World Sports Science

The World Sports Science Training Workbook provides seven training modules with comprehensive, science-based workouts to adapt to your sport or event. Exercise programs are displayed in modular format so you can immediately utilise the relevant workout for your sport. Sessions are accessible and fun for all, and both coaches and athletes will find practical, relevant advice:

  • Module 1: Planning
  • Module 2: Injury prevention
  • Module 3: Mobility
  • Module 4: Endurance
  • Module 5: Strength
  • Module 6: Speed and agility
  • Module 7: Psychology

The World Sports Science

The World Sports Science Performance Workbook is for all athletes looking to lift their performance to its ultimate. With your training foundations laid with the Training Workbook, the eleven modules in the Performance Workbook shows how to develop your sporting performance right up to competition level:

  • Module 1: Planning
  • Module 2: Conditioning
  • Module 3: Mobility
  • Module 4: Endurance
  • Module 5: Strength
  • Module 6: Speed
  • Module 7: Injury Prevention
  • Module 8: Psychology
  • Module 9: Ergogenic Aids
  • Module 10: Evaluation Tests
  • Module 11: Competition Preparation

Be among the first to benefit from these proven techniques

By utilising the modules in the two workbooks you’ll improve your performance exponentially. The guidance given can be applied to all sports. Click on the link below for our special offer, or read on for more details:

Click here for details of our special offer: two best-selling training workbooks, for less than $2!

Remember - these workouts have not yet percolated down to the average athlete, and the more you learn the faster you progress. Here are some of the benefits you’ll accumulate from the workbook modules:
  • Improve the strength and power of movements by optimising the functioning of your nervous system
  • Experience a leap in power and stamina as you change your exercises to mimic the intensities of your sport or event
  • Nullify weaknesses by applying specific strengthening and mobility exercises -- a crucial technique all athletes should master
  • Transform your circuit training to improve strength, power, economy and VO2 max
  • Improve ‘lactate threshold’ – the best predictor of endurance performance – by using intense workouts close to maximum velocity
  • Utilise ‘Neural Training’ to fine-tune the nervous system to sustain fast intensity for the full duration of your competitive event
  • Build endurance (rather than strength) for your common ‘at-risk’ muscles such as your back and trunk
  • Maintain constant speed and power right through to the final stretch (just when the rest of the field slows), using one of the world’s most effective but forgotten training methods
  • Reduce your heart rate and deliver more oxygen to hard-working muscles by increasing blood volume to exceptional levels before competition
  • Improve flexibility and avoid injury using the ‘dynamic strength workout’, as developed by the strength-and-conditioning specialist Walt Reynolds
  • Quickly carve away body fat and replace it with lean muscle

Each module will move you towards a new competitive level.

The usual cost for buying both workbooks is $199.98 (approx £150). We are offering the two for a total price of just $1.97 (approx £1.50) when you place your order using the link below.

Click here for details of our special offer: two best-selling workbooks, for less than $2.

(1) Training and (2) Performance - two crucial workbooks

(1) Training: each sport has its own specific demands and a good training plan will focus on those. That’s what the Training Workbook does. With a tested and proven training foundation, you’ll be fit and ready to move up to a higher performance level.

(2) Performance: the next stage is to focus on performance enhancing techniques. These are described in the Performance Workbook. Together, the two workbooks will:

  • Provide you with sports-specific workouts, and for team sports, position-specific workouts
  • Cut out unnecessary workouts
  • Balance your exercises to ensure certain muscle groups aren’t ignored
  • Focus on working up to your highest competitive level

Try these workbooks for just $1.97.

Then qualify for a special 2-month FREE trial subscription to Peak Performance

The comprehensive advice contained in these two workbooks amount to more than 370 pages available in a simple, downloadable pdf format – a personal masterplan for training and maximising performance.

Order your copies today and you'll receive a bonus FREE 2-month trial of the number one sports training newsletter, Peak Performance**. You'll have two months to discover just how far you can improve your performance with the advice contained in these awesome workbooks and our monthly newsletter.

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Both Workbooks are fully indexed and cross-referenced and ready to download so you can access your specific exercises immediately. As soon as your payment details are accepted, we’ll email the workbooks to you in and easily downloadable pdf format.

Your reduced cost package: save $198.01 (£149)

As a subscriber to one of our mini-newsletters, you qualify to receive both workbooks for a total price of just $1.97 (£1.20) when you place your order today.

Special ‘no risk’ trial offer -- you pay just $1.97 (Approx £1.20).

Order your copy today and receive the following additional benefits:

  • Extra special bonus - order today and we'll give you a FREE two-month trial subscription to Peak Performance** - the world number one sports research newsletter. You can cancel your subscription at any time, but if you decide to continue you can do so at the special rate of $59.97 every six months.
  • A $198.01 saving : The official price for The World Sports Science Training Workbook and The World Sports Science Performance Workbook is $99.99 (approx £75) each. That’s $199.98 (£150) for the two. The special ezine subscriber price is a full $198.01 (approx £150) less than the official cover price. You pay just $1.97, instead of the normal price of $199.98.

Money back guarantee

The methods presented in The World Sports Science Training Workbook and The World Sports Science Performance Workbook are used by the most sought-after coaches. They are proven to be effective and once applied you’ll see a marked and continuous improvement in performance and injury avoidance. If, however, you don’t agree that the workbooks are not everything we promise them to be, simply return them within two months for a complete and immediate refund.

To order your copy, simply go to our secure site and enter your details.

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