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Core Menu Training System

Dear Mircea,
No muscle group is more important than the body's ‘core’ muscles. They are the vital foundation for all other movement. The muscles of the torso stabilize the spine and provide a solid foundation for developing dynamic strength in your shoulders, arms and legs.
I am writing to let you know of our exclusive three-part Core Menu Training System which focuses on developing total body power by working on the abs, torso and core muscles. Published by the leading athletics journal Peak Performance , the Core Menu Training System is designed to give you progression, variety and the kind of challenge that will keep you enthusiastically involved.
The Core Menu Training System provides a highly effective strength training workout. If you haven’t already begun core training, or you aren’t sure if your current exercises are speedily and safely progressing your core strength and flexibility, you should try this tested program. You make a nominal payment and if it doesn’t work for you, you receive a full refund. You can place your trial order by clicking on any of the links in this message.
You won’t risk a penny and you’ll find the benefits are far-reaching. Join us today!
Best wishes
Jonathan Pye
Peak Performance