Wednesday, February 20, 2013

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[Effortless Swimming] Why Bad Technique Causes Shoulders Injuries


On the list of fun things to do,
swimming with shoulder pain
isn't high on the list.

In this weeks video we analyse
why this swimmer is getting
pain in his left shoulder.

Hint: It's to do with his extension
and catch.

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What if you crush it on the bike
and run but aren't so quick in
the swim?

When I'm asked by some
triathletes "How can I make my
swimming easier?"  this is my

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A topic that is getting a lot of
interest on Facebook is my

I received an email last week
suggesting the Aussie accent
is hard to understand and that
we mispronounce words like

I'm interested to hear your

Do I need to speak clearer
and tone down the accent?

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