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T'ai Chi Swimming by Coach Emmett Hines — Slowing down in order to learn what it takes to go faster.

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Need 1-on-1 help with your swim stroke?

· How about a nice warm Endless Pool equipped with mirrors on the bottom, multiple underwater video cameras and a Dartfish video feedback and analysis system. Let me put you in one at Tri On The Run Fitness Center and let’s get your stroke tuned up!

· I’m also doing instruction at the West U Rec Center, a very nice 25yd indoor pool on Bellaire.


And my business manager would shoot me if I didn’t take this opportunity to plug my book, Fitness Swimming, 2nd Edition Overhauled with the latest concepts that will teach you the right way to swim and then train you to be able to do it faster and longer. This book will put highly effective swimming to work in your lane!! See www.h2oustonswims.org/fitSwim2.html for more info and to order!


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Dear Emmett,
Thank you very much for the article you sent. It looks OK to me what you have written.
The next thing to do is that we must find more sympathizers ... it's a pitty that mine are as inexistent ...; they is so lazy....
All teh best,
Mircea Olaru, 11 feb. 2012