Thursday, May 2, 2013

PROGRES....? !

Stop training like it's 1990!

Stop training like it's 1990!!

There’s a revolution going on in sports training – and you’re invited!

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If you buy the typical book about sports training...
If you take advice from the average coach or website...
If you train and condition the same way most other athletes do...
Congratulations, you are thoroughly and totally equipped to win medals in 1990 – the year we launched Peak Performance.
To be number one in 2013 and beyond, you need to tear up the old rulebook ... forget the so-called sports training ‘gospel’ ... and learn the NEW rules.
Since the birth of Peak Performance over 20 years ago, there have been enormous advances in sports training and the thinking behind how athletes can fulfil their potential. You need only look at the men’s 100m world record (which has been slashed from 9.90secs to 9.58secs in this period), and the growth in people studying and using sports science, to see how far we’ve come since the nineties.
Every month, sports scientists and researchers around the globe break new ground and find ways to make human beings faster and more powerful.
By being in tune with this ongoing revolution, since our very first issue, Peak Performance has empowered thousands of athletes all over the world to put the old methods aside, and start using advances in sports science to send them straight to the top of the winner’s podium.
Quite simply, we take the “sacred cows” of sports training and grind them into a hamburger.
Chances are that up till now, you’ve missed out on key know-how and techniques that world-class athletes are already using, that’ll make you fitter, stronger, and better than ever. Nuggets like these:
  • The little-known supplement you should take before exercising that boosts fat burning by a whopping 20%
  • How training an often-neglected muscle for just three minutes, twice a day, can dramatically boost aerobic performance (and even help manage the symptoms of asthma)
  • Why your coach is wrong when it comes to endurance training – and how a ‘train low, train high’ approach will help you shatter your personal best
As a Peak Performance member, you’ll get all the insider tips and tricks – proven to increase an athlete’s performance – BEFORE anyone else. (The average sports person won’t get wind of our training and coaching secrets until years later!)
Our team of certified coaches, personal trainers and nutritionists show you how to implement this knowledge – along with new workouts and exercises – into your existing schedule to deliver results like nothing you’ve seen before.
Plus, you’ll continue to get the latest, cutting-edge sports training tips, methods and advice every month in your newsletter.
Once you start thinking and training the Peak Performance way, there’ll be no looking back.
Gains in speed, strength and stamina will come thick and fast, and you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it. The jaws of your rivals will literally be left hanging as you outclass them by miles ... and only you will know the secrets of how you managed it.
And the cost of joining this exclusive, privileged group? Just $1.97 (GBP £1.22).
For less than $2, you’ll have access to sporting ‘gold dust’ like this:
  • 10 simple nutrition rules that’ll guarantee you perform at optimum level all year round
  • The remarkable mind ‘trick’ that can trigger vast improvements in sports skills
  • An explosive alternative to traditional strength training that delivers impressive results (Clue: start thinking in reverse)
  • The ‘spring’ you should focus on in training for maximum running performance – elite athletes have been doing this for years!
  • Plus much, much more...
It’s a win-win offer no serious athlete should refuse. Enhanced training, maximum performance and a clear route to gold medal form – all yours for an unbeatable price.
So don’t get left behind; join the revolution and bring your training into the 21st century TODAY.
Peak Performance will not only help you get to the top of your game, it’ll keep you there. This will be the best decision you ever made in your career.
Yours in sport,
Andrew Hamilton BSc Hons MRSC ACSM
Editor, Peak Performance