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Swimmers: want to get stronger, fitter and quicker than your rivals?

Dear Swimmer,
Swimming Training Pack
Want to know why your race times in the pool aren’t improving, no matter how many hours you put in?
Well, you’re probably going to think this is absurd, but it’s the truth.
You need to spend less time training in the water.
Surprised? You should be.
If you (or your coach) are caught up in the belief that the only way to get faster is through high volumes of training in the pool, then you won't progress further than your current competitive level.
What you really want, though, is to become the one to beat. To do that, you need to train smarter – not harder, or longer.
Ask an elite coach or sports scientist what you need to do to improve your performance dramatically and they'll tell you that you need to top up your pool training with land-based work outs.
Not just any old exercises with weights, though.
I'm talking about highly-targeted movements, with added resistance, that replicate what you do in the water as closely as possible... so you can get strong in those specific motions and muscles.
Do this, and you'll gain that extra advantage over your rivals.
You might be sceptical now (like I used to be) but this really works. It's been proven in sports science trials with athletes (more on them in a moment) and it's the reason that top swimmers like Michael Phelps got to their lofty Olympic heights.
As the experts in sports-specific training advice, Peak Performance has created a 8-part swimming training plan – based on this evidence – that will help build and improve your:
Hip/trunk control
Stroke technique
It contains elite-level workouts – designed by top international coaches – that are ready for you to use right away; just them print off, and go! Best of all, you can get them all today, completely FREE of charge.
Simply take out a no-obligation trial to Peak Performance – the trusted global source of sports performance knowledge for athletes and coaches – for $1.97 and you can access and download your training programme instantly.
Decide it’s not for you, and you can cancel and get a full refund - plus keep your free swimming workouts.
Before I tell you about Peak Performance, let's look at your training pack in detail...

Your new training plan - tailored to a swimmer's needs

Swimming is a sport that requires precise preparation.
You need to condition your body exactly right to ensure you can move through the water as quickly as possible... and finish before your rivals.
Although hitting the gym might make you feel like a fish out of water, it’ll reinforce your training, make you stronger, more powerful and more resilient to injury.
It’s particularly beneficial if you’re a sprint swimmer, as high volumes of pool training can actually have a negative effect on your performance! (Such as depletion of glycogen muscle stores and fatigue of your fast twitch fibres.)
Yet the majority of swimmers and coaches lack the knowledge of how to put together a land-based programme that matches the demands of races.
This new plan, therefore, is for serious swimmers and triathletes who want to target the right zones of their body – specifically the upper body and limbs, hip/trunk area and legs – and train them to lift their performance in minimal time.
Each one of your 8 workouts takes a strand of development – such as power or endurance – and shows you how to improve your ability in a functional, progressive way, using techniques that are normally the reserve of elite swimmers.
The brains behind this 8-part plan aren't 'gurus' or self-proclaimed 'experts'.
They're two world-class coaches, with years of experience and knowledge of sport-specific training behind them. They are:
John Shepherd MA, a specialist health, sport and fitness writer and former international athlete.
James Marshall MSc, CSCS, ACSM/HFI, the owner of Excelsior, a sports training company whose clients include international athletes.
The basis of their workouts? Sports science studies like the one carried out at Ball State University in the US, which saw swimmers increase their 22.9m front crawl sprint by 0.3 seconds after combining swimming-specific, land-based strength exercises with pool training.
For you, those 0.3 seconds gained in the pool could be the difference between first and second place!
Generic training plans may or may not get you to use the same muscles as those involved in swimming, but the Peak Performance training plan is different. You'll focus on exercising the right muscles in a related mechanical movement - providing you with optimum training benefit.

Train out of the pool and see results within 60 days

Whether your preferred race is 100m or 1500m, freestyle or as part of a triathlon, you will see quick, measurable results from this tailored training plan.
As one reader told us after purchasing our best-selling book, Strength Training for Swimmers, the benefits of swimming-specific gym workouts are huge:
“When I followed the exercises specific to swimming I noticed my back, shoulders and arms were less fatigued when I got in the pool and I was able to sustain pace for a longer period of time.” – Don Edgecombe
Remember, you’re getting these workouts FREE.
Carefully crafted circuits that have been created for you by two well-respected figures in the sports training world, which you can’t get anywhere else.
Once you start our training plan, you'll shock your muscles into growth with new exercises you’ve not tried before, but without adding extra 'bulk'. The primary aim is to get you stronger in your prime movers, so that you can power through the water, turn quicker and increase the effectiveness of your dive and push off.
Your fitness levels will go up; you’ll hone the technical aspects of your stroke and stronger muscles also have the added bonus of increased protection from injury.
What swimmer could say ‘no’ to these benefits? Especially without having to foot the bill of paying a top coach to show them to you.
Your 8 workouts just need downloading and printing; the planning has all been done for you. Just pick the ones you think are most appropriate.
They come with full instructions, detailed step-by-step descriptions of exercises and require minimal equipment.
Within 60 days, I guarantee that you’ll see a noticeable change in your performance.

Elite swimming workouts that’ll give you the
competitive edge

By incorporating elite-level, land-based training into your regime, you’ll have a distinct advantage over your competitors.
Chances are they’re also neglecting this type of training and won’t be aware of the strength, fitness and conditioning benefits that come with swimming-specific workouts like the ones I’m offering you today.
Unlike them, you have the opportunity to get these workouts RIGHT NOW and start preparing to smash your PB at your next competition.
Each workout has a primary focus, so you can clearly pick out those that will have the biggest and most positive impact on your training and performance:
Conditioning Circuit
Improve whole-body muscular endurance and cardiovascular fitness: Rubber exercise band flutter kicks; Prone stability ball superman; Ankle jumps; Front Plank Dumbbell Rows; Rubber band swimmers; Side Planks; Squat jumps; Plyo Press ups.
Power Circuit
Improve whole-body muscular swimming power: Medicine ball sit up and throw; Power bag rotational clean; Split jump push press; Medicine ball slams; Medicine Ball Plyo Press-Ups; Ankle jumps.
Endurance Circuit
Improve whole-body muscular swimming endurance and cardiovascular fitness: Rubber band pulls; Flutter kicks; T press-ups; Swiss ball mountain climbers; Rubber band swimmers; Quarter squat jumps; Medicine ball slams; Prone stability ball superman; Alternating Dumbbell Shoulder Press; Cossack planks.
Land Training Workout 1 (Hip & Trunk)
Improve hip and trunk control: Single leg squat; Single leg diagonal deadlift; Sumo warm up; Side step; Lunge; Resisted step up; Oysters.
Land Training Workout 2 (Hip & Trunk)
Improve hip and trunk strength: Single leg squat; Single leg straight leg deadlift; Split squat; Side step up; Single leg squat; Resisted Oysters.
Land Training Workout 3 (Shoulder)
Improve shoulder control and strength: Lawnmowers; Prone horizontal abduction; Prone vertical extension; Prone swimming; Opposite toe touch; Leg reaches.
PLUS: 2 time-effective workouts for the pool
As well as land-based training, we've also included two pool-based workouts for fitness swimmers and triathletes that focus on improving:
Aerobic fitness
Anaerobic fitness
Swimming stroke technique
With pool-based drills and a descending pyramid workout (both using front crawl/freestyle), these final elements will develop your ability to swim at pace and refine the mechanics of your technique.

Peak Performance: your definitive source of cutting-edge training plans, advice and motivation

Your new swimming training pack is just the start of the exclusive member-only benefits you’ll discover when you join Peak Performance.
Today, you have the opportunity to see them first hand and risk-free for 60 days. There’s absolutely no obligation. Decide it’s not for you and you can have your trial fee of $1.97 back, and keep everything you’ve downloaded from our Members’ Area in that time – free of charge.
We’re well known as THE research newsletter on stamina, strength, and fitness and recognized as the world's #1 online source of advice for athletes, coaches, and sports science students.
Every month, my team and I persuade top coaches, physicians, sports nutritionists, physiologists, and psychologists to share their winning secrets with you.
Plus I spend countless hours poring over arcane technical journals most athletes and coaches don't have time to read - everything from The Journal of Applied Physiology to Research Quarterly for Exercise and Sports - to uncover cutting edge sports science research based on proven, tested results, not theory or opinion.
Then we strip away the scientific jargon and mathematics, and distil the research into pragmatic training, nutrition, exercise, and performance techniques, in plain English that's easy and fun to read and absorb.
You get a steady stream of scientifically proven sports performance breakthroughs that you can put to work immediately, to help you achieve significant gains in stamina, strength and fitness.
Darran West Testimonial
"Peak Performance is about convenience and being able to source quality information easily. How could you not like that? As an 'athlete' I'm always looking for new ways to break through the platos, free up the repetition and to achieve continuous improvement. I'm sure like most people, training and working limits the research time so having Peak Performance at my finger tips is a big help."
Darran West, Adelaide, Australia
The reason for our leadership in the sports training field is simple:
Our commitment to 'specific training' means that training mirrors the demands of the sport as closely as possible. This applies not only to the way the body’s energy systems and neuromuscular system is taxed through manipulation of intensity and rest intervals etc. but also to the movement patterns of each exercise.
Inside the Peak Performance Members' Area, as well as our newsletter, you'll find a huge number of results-orientated training programmes, each designed to improve performance for specific sports and outcomes.

Apply now for trial membership and download your FREE 8-part swimming training pack

The new 8-part swimming training pack is available for a limited period free of charge when you apply for a 60-day trial membership to Peak Performance through this message.
You pay a nominal fee of just $1.97 for access to our special membership area, where you can download your swimming training pack and other training programmes. Under the terms of this trial, you receive a FULL REFUND should you decide to cancel within 60 days, so you stand to lose nothing if you decide, for any reason, not to continue.
Once you have experienced the full impact of our training programmes, I think you will stay with us; nothing comes closer to one-on-one training at anything like this price.
Your trial includes access to Peak Performance newsletters, reports, training videos, coaching tips and all the practical training commentaries that our international coaches and trainers provide each month.
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Once you become a member, you can cancel at any time for a full pro-rata refund of any payment made.

$1416 worth of exclusive downloads for your immediate use

Here is a summary of the Peak Performance membership package, available to you on trial today:
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For just $1.97 (approx GBP £1.18) you receive the Peak Performance membership package with exclusive information and training workouts for your immediate use – all on a 60-day risk-free trial.

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Remember: the difference between another average time in the pool and a brand-new PB could be in your FREE training workouts.
Strike the right balance between lengths in the water and hitting the gym and you’ll immediately see a leap in your performance.
Grab this elite swimming-specific training pack while you can, and put yourself ahead of your rivals.
You’ll be glad you did!
Yours sincerely,
Jonathan Pye
Publisher, Peak Performance
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