Saturday, September 18, 2010

.... vecinii ns. ne-o iau inainte:reply from Endless Pools (USA)

.. vecinii nostri ne-au luat-o inainte in materie de management sportiv; iata cum:

Re: from Romania/ reply from Endless Pools (USA)

From: Mircea Olaru
To:Yunna Tarasenko

i will contact our naber from Bulgaria
I'm interested by this swimming-pool / see in attash

Again , thanks


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From: Yunna Tarasenko <>
To: Mircea Olaru
Sent: Sat, September 18, 2010 12:48:29 AM
Subject: Re: from Romania/ reply from Endless Pools (USA)

Hello Mr. Mircea Olaru,
Thank you, for your inquiry in regards to Endless Pools Product Line ! I am an account manager with the International Wholesale Department and your email was forwarded to my attention.
A quick update about Endless Pools Inc. arrangements for Romania.. Currently, I am in communication with the company (Aquatec /Bulgaria/ Romania ) which should become our authorized dealer.
A contact person there is Mrs. Stefka Karanfilova (Import/ Export Department) for the office location in Varna. Tel. # 359- 52 575 071/ company website:
Mrs. Karanfilova will get in touch with the colleagues in the office-branch in Romania to notify of your inquiry. Please, feel free to communicate with Stefka at your convenience via email or phone. She will be glad to respond.
Look forward to hearing from you.
P. S. Please, stay in touch with me directly, as well. We support direct customers and dealers from the headquarters in the USA ( Aston/ Pennsylvania).
Please, let me know which one of the products you are mostly interested in at this point ?
My kind regards,
Yunna Tarasenko
International Wholesale Account Manager
Endless Pools Swimming Machines

On Sep 17, 2010, at 2:26 PM, Mircea Olaru wrote:

this is a 2.d time when I send you , today, this mesage; sorry for inconvenience

<by Google Translate> :.... will just write away from Romania:

more than 10 days I will be in the audience at a Bucharest district mayor - Mr.
Andrei Chiliman. I want to show your product in the idea of buying, for use in some schools, the 'infinity pool'. Do you think you give a discount on this interesting? Can I drive D.lui Chiliman such information?

prof. M.Olaru

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