Friday, January 3, 2014

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How To Knock 5 Seconds Off Your 100m Pace 

In 5 Weeks

Brenton Ford
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Today at 8:21 AM

Remember when Usain Bolt appeared on the athletics scene?

He was out of the ordinary. Different to anything we'd really seen before. He showed what was really possible with the right technique, strength and training strategies.
Something out of the ordinary has happened in the last 5 week with the swimmers in my squad too. Like watching Usain Bolt perform, it's been fascinating watching the changes over the last 5 weeks occur.
Across the board I've seen big improvements in their speed. Nathan has dropped his 200m training PB from a 2.22 to a 2.17. Jess has gone from a 2.38 to a 2.30. These improvements have come I dug a little deeper. I looked at how our training and technique has changed over the last 5 weeks to get these kinds of gains.
I'm going to be sharing these things during a live online training called "How To Knock 5 Seconds Off Your 100m Pace In 5 Weeks".
In this live training I'm going to cover:
  • 3 Tweaks You Can Make To Your Freestyle To Rapidly Improve Your Catch
  • How To Identify And Change Your Stroke Flaws And Lock In The Right Way To Do It
  • The Subtle Difference Between A Powerful Pull vs A Weak Pull (And How To Do It)
  • The One Page Checklist I Use To Analyse Swimming Technique
The improvements have come from the things I teach in the upcoming Effortless Freestyle program...and you'll get an inside look at this event.

Register for the live online training happening on Monday, January 6th at:

12.30pm Monday, Jan 6th (Australian EST)
1.30am Monday, Jan 6th (London time)
5.30pm Sunday, Jan 5th PST (US)
8.30pm Sunday, Jan 5th EST (US)
If you want 2014 to be your fastest year yet, I recommend jumping on this online training.
See you at there!
Brenton Ford
Effortless Swimming
07 01 2014

5 Seconds Off Your 100m Pace In 5 Weeks [02]

Brenton Ford
To Me
Today at 5:29 AM
Yesterday I ran a live online training. It covered how many of my squad swimmers have taken 5 seconds off their 100m pace in 5 weeks.

click this to play the video
In the training we covered:
  • The small change to body position that makes you more streamlined
  • The 'wide elbow' position that improves your pull
  • How we avoid shoulder injuries
  • Our weekly Monday 'race' set that's smashing our previous fitness levels
  • The checklist I use to analyse freestyle technique
You'll see some technique tips from the brand new Effortless Freestyle program covered in the training. The program is now available so you can kick start your year with better technique and faster times.

In the program you'll discover the exact process I use when working one on one with swimmers.

Because improving your swimming is a process and you need get the fundamentals right first. That's what we cover in the first part of program. I call them 'Instant Wins', those things that you can change immediately and feel better because of it. When they're in place you can build out the rest of your stroke so you're swimming strong and smoothly.

When you're in the thick of it, when you're training regularly and you're thinking about your can seem overwhelming. The number of things to can hard.

That's why I always break it down into three stages. Instant wins, catch and pull, then rhythm and timing. You'll have a step by step way to improve your swimming with the Effortless Freestyle program.

Click here to get the Effortless Freestyle program
Enjoy your week!
Brenton Ford
Effortless Swimming