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October 2013

 Breathing busted!

Breathing busted!

Fundamentally, the only thing that really separates swimming from other sports such as running or cycling is the issue of breathing: when do I take a breath? Do I breath to the side or in front? Do I need to hold my breath?
Well here at Swimfit we have designed a specially constructed 'Breathing Masterclass' to take you from puffing and panting to pro in no time!

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Swimming Superfoods

Swimming Superfoods

We all know that filling ourselves with junk food on a regular basis isn't the best way to treat our bodies, but do we really understand the do's and don'ts when it comes to refuelling after exercise?
Swimfit pools near you!

Swimfit pools near you!

Did you know our fantastic 'Poolfinder' tool is now bigger and better than ever - and is now even linked to Swimfit! When you register to poolfinder you can now choose your local Swimfit pool from a drop down menu and also update this info on your profile.

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