Dear Mircea Olaru

It is very kind of you to reply in Turkish and I ensure you that you are very good at Turkish.
As it is written in the invitation, Sports Fest will be held between 12th and 15th of May this year. You have two possibilities in accomodation. You can choose to rest at hotel which is located in Taksim. It costs 190 € per 5 nights for each participant. Shuttles will be arranged from Taksim to the campus in order to facilitate your transportation. Secondly, you can choose to stay at gym which is located in Ucaksavar Campus of our university. At gym, each participant will bring his/her own sleeping bag, sheet, blanket, pillow and etc. A camping atmosphere will be provided for participants. It costs 75 € per night for each participant.
You can feel free to contact me about anything to ask.
I also send you the invitation in any case and application form for you to fill out and start registration process officially.

Best regards.

Gorkem Colak
Bogazici University Sports Committee