Friday, August 5, 2011

Ce mananca performeurul......?

You are what you eat!

Friday, August 5, 2011 1:05 PM
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Dear Mircea,

You are what you eat.

I bet you’ve heard this phrase a million times. But it couldn’t be more prevalent in terms of sports nutrition.

Optimum performance, needs optimum nutrition. Yet it’s so difficult for athletes to strike a healthy balance when day in day out we are inundated with countless fad diets and promise-the-earth performance-enhancing supplements.

With so much nutritional mumbo-jumbo floating around, it’s hardly surprising that we are so confused…

That’s why I decided to offer these two amazing reports – Protein Nutrition for Peak Performance and Nutritional Supplements – Boosting your Performance – for a ridiculously low price of just $1.97 (approx. £1.20).

I wanted to set the record straight; and provide our loyal readers with unbiased, evidence-based research which cuts straight through the myths surrounding sports nutrition. So these groundbreaking titles combine to assess the latest thinking on two of nutrition’s most highly contested ‘buzz-topics’.

Firstly Protein Nutrition for Peak Performance sets out to prove why protein – although often underestimated - is as central to sports nutrition as carbohydrates are.

It also highlights how many athletes are falling short of their RDA, and as a result so is their performance. The report then remedies this quandary by detailing how you can implement your very own protein strategy without the need for consulting a costly sports nutritionist.

Whereas Nutritional Supplements – Boosting your Performance assesses the major players in the current sports supplement market and deciphers the marketing spiel.

The findings in this report are staggering.

It reveals that many supposed performance-enhancing supplements are not only a complete waste of money, but many taken incorrectly could be harmful not just to athletic performance, but to long-term health too.

Both reports set out with one goal in mind - to allow you, the reader, to make unbiased and informed decisions regarding effective sports nutrition. And because they are available for just $1.97, it would be a costly decision NOT to take advantage of this never-to-be-repeated promotion.

I strongly feel this is an area athletes must pay considerable attention to if they want to achieve real success and the fact I have commissioned two separate reports on the subject of sports nutrition really highlights that belief.

With this in mind I have arranged a fantastic offer that delivers you both of these special reports for an incredible price, full details of which you can find below.

Yours sincerely,

Jonathan Pye

Publisher, Peak Performance

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