Monday, September 30, 2013

Tha Challenge ....

[Effortless Swimming] Trying Harder But Not Going Faster

While training with a friend last week he mentioned when he tried harder, he wasn't going any faster...

Sound familiar?

I know the feeling of putting in more effort without any significant change in can be frustrating. Your heart rate goes up, your arms get heavy but you look up at the clock and your times are the same!

Get the piano off your back and swim faster

I believe it comes down to two things which can be overcome if you know what to look for (and how to adjust your stroke to compensate).

In this week's video we look the small change to your freestyle which can increase your speed when you try harder.

Watch this week's video

--- New Podcast: The One About Getting Lean (with Andy Anderson of Ultimate You) ---

A bit opportunity for improvement I see for swimmers is to trim down and become leaner. Even a difference of 2-3 kgs is quite significant. On the lastest podcast I chatted with strength training expert Andy Anderson about becoming a stonger, leaner athlete.

It's not just about 'losing weight' either. It's about a healthy lifestyle that includes diet, exercise and phsychology. There are a tonne of good tips in this podcast for improving your swimming through strength training.

Listen to the latest podcast here

--- Swimming Adventure Holidays ---

Next year we're launching a series of swimming adventure holidays here in Australia and overseas.

If you can spare 2 minutes I'd love your input on what you would like to see in these trips.

Tell me what you'd like see!

Have a great week,

Brenton Ford
Effortless Swimming