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Dear athlete,
Do you want to be fitter and stronger than ever before in 2013?
It’s time to start planning now. But the information you need – the training programs, the techniques, the secrets that will make training exciting and successful – are not easy to find.
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If you’ve been paying attention, you’ll know that the Complete Sports Training Library is perfect for athletes and coaches in all sports, covering everything from core fitness to agility drills to sports psychology.
But it’s not just about performance on the track or on the pitch – to be a great athlete you need to work on your body. You need to spend time in the gym, building muscle, burning fat, working on your fitness. You have to watch what you eat.
Looking and feeling great is a wonderful side-benefit of being an athlete. You need to work at it – but it’s so worth it.
Or maybe you would describe yourself as a fitness enthusiast, someone who wants to be healthy and strong and who happens to look awesome.
As part of the Complete Sports Training Library November Madness offer, you will receive 17 training programs that will take you through the next 12 months and provide all of the fitness training guidance you will ever need. Put together by our team of top coaches, trainers and sports science experts, these 17 programs will show you how to:
  • Build bigger arms, legs and shoulders
  • Turn your core into your power engine
  • Get a bigger chest and back
  • Train your muscles and make them grow like never before
  • Shed body fat to get lean and look amazing
  • Complete your fastest marathon, half-marathon or triathlon
  • Get the ripped six pack you’ve always dreamed of
  • Become as fit as a Royal Marine
Every word of every program has been tested and proven time and again by athletes like you. No waffle, no vagueness, nothing obvious or boring.
This collection of programs will reinvigorate your training regime and get you running to the gym, eager to work out and see and feel the continuous improvements in your fitness.
What’s more, it comes with a money-back guarantee, so if you don’t find yourself reaching new heights of fitness you can get a full refund, no questions asked.
Ready to start? Here are full details of what you get:
1. The Complete Sports Training Library – 94 workbooks and manuals including our fitness training programs. Full value if bought separately: $5167.23.
2. Our 4 bestselling bonus books, including the Summer Six Pack Program along with Beating Back Pain, Stretching for Sporting Success and Training Young Athletes. Full value if bought separately: $239.97.
3. An elite sports watch, yours to keep whatever you decide. Value: $51.
Total value: $5458.20.
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Read on to find out exactly what you get and why 2013 will be the year you get fitter and stronger than ever before.
Yours in sport
Jonathan Pye
Peak Performance

A Fitter, Stronger, Leaner Body – These 17 Training Programs Contain Everything You Will Ever Need

The Complete Sports Training Library contains 17 training programs – along with 77 other books – that will ensure that over the next 12 months you are in the best shape of your life.
Place your order now to get all 17 – as a set they would cost you $1019.83 – but you can get all of them now for just $167 and also get the entire Complete Sports Training Library + Bonus Books + a Free Sports Watch.

The Mighty 17

1. The Summer Six-Pack Program

Do you want to look amazing? Do you want abs that members of the opposite sex will want to touch and that your rivals will glare at enviously? A six-pack is the ultimate sign of fitness – and now you can have one in time for the new year.
The Summer Six Pack Program is a structured 4-month plan, which uses both evidence-based Sports Science knowledge and practical guidelines to enable you to develop and maintain bigger chest, back, shoulder, arm and leg muscles: the key muscle groups to help you achieve that lean, ripped ‘six-pack’ look.
The Summer Six-Pack Program will make you look great and feel amazing- guaranteed.

2. Fighting Fit: Royal Marine Training Program

This 12-Week Marine-Fitness program is guaranteed to make you “survival fit” and looking better than you dared to imagine
This is a simple, effective and challenging approach to developing all round fitness. The program will leave you fit for anything and looking amazing.
It’s not easy, but the workout grows with you.
It's based on a linear periodisation model in that it gets tougher week by week…but by the end you will be as fit as a Royal Marine.

3. Building Bigger Arms

The arms are a complex system of joints and muscles, which can be exercised in a variety of ways. But to get the best results you need to do more than simply lift a lot of weight.
In order to build bigger arms quickly, efficiently – and without injury – you need to use a methodical, systematic approach, comprising a variety of exercises and training methods, to get the results you want.
This program carefully weaves together several advanced weight training strategies into a unique, 3-month program which will give you arm development that makes you the envy of your friends... The only downside? You may have to buy a load of new shirts for your wardrobe!

4. Building Bigger Legs

Leg training is the key to whole body growth
The reason is this: the 100 or so leg muscles make up almost 51% of a person's total muscle mass. When you work the quadriceps, hamstrings, calves and other leg muscles, it has a positive effect on your upper body too.
Building Bigger Legs is a 12-week program that in no time will have you attracting envious looks from your workout partners and friends – and in incredible shape for your sport.

5. Build a Bigger Chest

There's much more to impressive chest development than simply 'benching' two to three hundred pounds each time you hit the gym – if you want a well-shaped and proportioned chest that is. Because exercise selection and their order are crucial.
The bench press may be the 'king' of chest exercises, but developing an aesthetically appealing chest requires a progressive, varied and systematic approach that works your chest muscles in a number of different ways.
Build A Bigger Chest is specially designed to help you achieve the muscle development you desire, quickly, efficiently – and without injury.

6. How to Build a Stronger Back

The muscles on the back of your body might not be as glamorous as the ones on the front – but they are every bit as important.
Why? Because weakness in your back muscles can lead to a myriad of joint and muscles imbalances as well as poor posture and limited fitness performance.
In How to Build a Stronger Back we go much further than simply identifying the muscles to be targeted week by week. You find out not just which muscles make up the back, but how they work – from concentric, to eccentric to isotonic contractions – so you’re best placed to get maximum results from the week-by-week exercise program that follows.

7. Building Bigger Shoulders

Get those Massive, Muscular Shoulders You’ve Always Wanted... And in Less Than 90 Days
Well-developed shoulders are a vital component in activities requiring pushing, throwing and punching, for example lifting objects overhead, pushing a player off the ball in rugby or throwing a decisive knockout punch in the boxing ring.
Strong shoulder muscles are also essential for keeping your shoulder joints healthy and injury-free. The shoulder joint is very mobile, which means it is prone to a lack of stability and increased injury potential. That’s why shoulder injury is so prevalent in sports and exercise in general.
This program shows you how to build your shoulders and keep them strong and injury free.

8. How to Build a Stronger Core

The program carefully weaves together several advanced weight training strategies into a unique, 12-week program which will give you core muscle development that makes you the envy of your friends...
Regardless of whether you want to develop your abs for show, performance, spine health or overall well-being, our 12-week plan will take you from ‘ab zero’ to ‘ab hero’ and help you build a strong, functional and aesthetically pleasing midsection.
Rest assured, you’ll make great progress towards that holy grail of fitness goals – the six-pack.

9. 12 Month Muscle Training Program

Follow this detailed, month-by-month program and in a year's time you'll have developed a bigger, stronger, and aesthetically-pleasing body shape. Each month we take your strength and fitness one step further, mixing up the weight you lift and the exercises and weight training systems you use.
There's a specific training goal each month to keep you on track, and all the information you need to complete the workouts is provided in a preliminary table - not just detailed step-by-step instructions for all the lifts and exercises in the program, but even the speed at which you should complete each lift.
Whether you're an athlete or a coach, you'll find the Peak Performance '12-Month Muscle Builder Program' maximises your understanding of weight training and conditioning, so you can build all-round muscle and strength - whatever your particular event.

10. 3-Month Muscle Training Program

Most sports players – whether they’re serious athletes, or the ‘keep fit’ variety – want to gain muscle.
The trouble is, building muscle is not as easy as it sounds. Many people find it hard to gain and retain muscle mass.
Which exercises are best? How many reps and sets should one do? How often 8should I train each week? How do I combine strength training with my cardio-vascular training? Should I take supplements – and if I do, which ones are safe?
We decided it was time to set the record straight – the best way we know how. To design a proper muscle building course ourselves, from scratch.
The result: The Peak Performance 3-month Muscle Builder Training Plan

11. Fat Loss Program

In exchange for 3 minutes of your time we will provide you with a weight loss plan guaranteed to work.
Why does it work?
Our weight loss program combines dynamic cardio vascular activity with fat burning resistance workouts, all aimed at attacking your metabolism.
It is a natural, tried and tested routine that will ensure the calories drop off
Emphasis has been placed on creating a varied and stimulating program to ensure motivation is maintained.
The plan focuses on burning off more calories than you consume- it really is that easy!

12. 4 Month Strength Training Program

In our 4-Month Strength Training Program we identify the different types of strength – and explain the best ways of developing them while – crucially – referencing these to your body type (because not everyone will respond to weight training in the same way).
We also provide information on training systems, training variables and consider different strength training systems. Finally, we supply you with a 4 month training program that will develop your strength.
All you need do is follow the programs and complete the exercises (of which detailed descriptions and photographs of each are provided), and you’ll end up with a body that is balanced, stronger in every sense of the term and able to handle pretty much whatever is thrown at it.

13. 3 Month Speed Training Program

The idea that people are “born fast” so you can’t do very much to increase your speed, is NONSENSE.
Every athlete can get faster... if they know how. And this program shows you exactly what to do, step by step, week by week.
Of course, some individuals are born with an unusually-high amount of speed- and power-producing fast twitch muscle fibres that makes them naturally fast and explosive.
Which means it’s essential that we know the right way to train our bodies to boost our speed – in particular our muscles’ fibres…

14. Sub 4hr Marathon Training Program

Marathon Training Program: how to run a sub 4 hour marathon is the definitive guide to marathoning success at your first attempt.
Broken down into four six-week training blocks, this practical and easy-to-follow program will help you run the ultimate distance.

15. Sub 3.30hr Marathon Training Program

For most marathoners, the 3.30 mark is the ‘holy grail’ - but there’s no reason why you shouldn’t go for it – particularly if you’ve already broken 4 hours for the event.
But first make sure you have a proper training plan. A practical, realistic program to guide you to your distance running objective – successfully, and without injury.
With our easy-to-follow and highly effective plan you can do it – and achieve this impressive personal milestone in 2013.

16. Half Marathon Training Plans

A lot of free online running programs claim to work for a wide range of runners, from novices to the experienced. But this is simply not true. For a first time half marathoner to reach the start line appropriately prepared to finish the event, he must train in a significantly different manner from the hardened distance running veteran.
That’s why Half Marathon Training Plans contains not one, but three carefully constructed and individualised training plans.
Each 24-week training plan is designed to get you to the starting line prepared to run a great time, whether you’re a novice half marathoner or an experienced distance runner on the road.

17. Triathlon Training Program

In this Triathlon Training Program, designed for new triathletes, we target a Half Olympic Triathlon (swim 750m; cycle 20.4km; run 5km) or a Three-quarter Olympic (swim 1000m; cycle 30km; run 7.5km) as your first event.
So even those with a limited fitness background will be able to complete the event relatively easily – provided you follow our 24-week step-by-step training plan.
In short, it’s the complete recipe for triathlon success – at your very first attempt!

Total value of your 17 fitness programs = $1019.83

Get all 17 as as part of The Complete Sports Training Library – along with 77 other books!
Packed with 94 books that cover the entire spectrum of sport and fitness, including the 17 training programs we’ve just told you about… That’s the Complete Sports Training Library.
Each of these books lasers in on one area of sport or fitness and explores it in depth like you will have never seen before.
Our library covers every sport, from running through rowing and football to swimming.
It covers every topic, from injury prevention through agility and speed to strength training.
It covers every area of the body, from your back through your shoulders and knees… to your mind.

This is our biggest ever Complete Sports Training Library…

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