Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Aplicatii in inotul de endurence....

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Why I Swapped Weet Bix For Bacon & Eggs

This email is like a bag of mixed lollies. Pick and choose the ones you like!
  • Why I Swapped Weet Bix For Bacon & Eggs - In school and on TV we're told what's healthy and what's not.
    Low Fat, low sugar, lowers cholestrol, and on and on it goes. When I took a deeper look at what some of these
    claims are really based on - I discovered I had a lot of misconceptions about food. In the latest episode of the
    Effortless Swimming podcast I chat to my favourite nutritionist Steph Lowe about eating well. Some of them might
    suprise you!
  • The Easier Way To Sight In Open Water - A subscriber to this newsletter said she was having trouble sighting in
    open water. I've recorded a short video for you showing you an easy way to sight without straining your neck or
    breaking your stroke rhythm.
  • Bone Conduction Beats - This video from FINIS shows how their new waterproof MP3 player works. I remember
    when I first bought a waterproof musci player 5 years ago. It survived one swim and then leaked and died a sudden
    death becuse of the headphone jack. Now you don't even need headphones to listen to music underwater...check
    out the video.
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