Thursday, March 14, 2013

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[Effortless Swimming] How To Get 'Comfortable' In The Water & New Podcast

Increasing Your 'Fishness' By Becoming More Comfortable

Tense, nervous & fighting the water.

That's how everyone starts out when
they're learning to swim.

Contrast that to an experienced
swimmer who looks like they belong
in the water.

When you're relaxed and comfortable
in the water is when you start to see
gains in your swimming.

This week we look at how you get
there faster.

Watch the video

Getting The Same Results With 30% Less Training (New Podcast)

I interviewed Jeff Booher from TriDot 
about how his athletes are increasing
their performance with less training.

It's a good listen for triathletes who are
busy with work, family and life. 

We also cover training strategies for
triathletes targeting Olympic distance
races up to Ironman distance.

Listen to the podcast

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