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Sports Performance Bulletin

Benefit from 'Proprioceptive' training -

Your own Training Programme and hundreds of dollars worth of Special Reports and the latest news and views from Peak Performance!

Dear Sports Enthusiast,
I'd like you to benefit from the latest news and views from our experts at Peak Performance.
These issues will contain our groundbreaking report on how to use 'Proprioceptive Training' to maximise performance. It explains why this training programme should be put first in your overall regime – before all other forms of training.
You'll find it both effective and fast working, which is probably why we have received more enquiries about this training programme than any other.
This report could be re-titled 'The Best Way to Maximize Your Athletic Performance', because it works by building up four crucial areas: Muscular strength, Co-ordination, Muscular balance and Muscle-reaction times.
As you'll read, one exercise group working on leg muscles achieved an incredible 146% increase in strength!
Proprioceptive training is another term for proprioceptive, vestibular and visual systems or PVV. Our Proprioceptive training programme explains that:
(a) your overall muscular activity and
(b) the range of motion in your joints and
(c) your body posture
are all products of sensory-nerve activity.
It's received, "coded" and acted on by your brain and spinal cord - your central nervous system. And it is your central nervous system that PVV systems work on.
The research analysed is so strong that it would be foolhardy for serious athletes to exclude PVV training from their overall programmes.
Our proprioceptive training programme explains why PVV should be put first in your overall training programme – before all other forms of training. You'll also discover why some athletes tend to injure certain joints over and over again and how PVV reduces this risk of injury during sporting activity.
  • 8-week Proprioceptive Training Programme
  • Peak Performance subscription
  • PLUS a library of training plans and workouts.


To encourage new readers we are asking for a nominal deposit only, which is guaranteed fully refundable should you not be 100% satisfied.
Please note that this short-term trial subscription is only open to new members. We never send out free copies of Peak Performance and this special issue is not available elsewhere. You must act now to take advantage of this special low-cost trial at just $1.97.
Best wishes
Jonathan Pye
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