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Myrtha Pools and NYAD: Swim for Relief - NYC
Myrtha Pools is proud to supply the swimming pool for the NYAD48 event being held in Herald Square NYC on October 8-10, 2013,Diana Nyad, who just recently completed her record setting open water swim from Cuba to Key West, will swim for 48 consecutive hours to raise money for Hurricane Sandy victims through the American Red Cross.
On October 8-10, 2013, Diana Nyad will swim again, this time with no jellyfish or sharks but in a Myrtha Pools with a Neptune-Benson filtration system. Diana Nyad will swim for 48 consecutive hours to raise money for a great cause. Myrtha has specially designed a pool for the event, being built in New York City’s Herald Square just outside of Macy’s .
Myrtha Pools has teamed up on several occasions for special events such as this with Spear Corporation, an Indiana based pool design, installation and Service Company; Sunbelt Pools, a Texas based commercial pool construction company; and Neptune Benson, a Rhode Island based pool filtration manufacturer.
Myrtha Pools, together with this team, have previously installed two Olympic sized pools in Omaha, NE at the Century Link Center for the 2012 US Olympic Swimming Team Trials in just 10 days. This is an Olympic fete in itself; however, this pool must be erected in the middle one of the busiest cities in the U.S. and ready for Diana to enter the pool in less than 24 hours. Watch for updates on our progress at
There are many victims that need help after suffering the devastation that Super storm Sandy left in her wake. The hope is to raise awareness and money for these victims to help them to resume their lives the way they were before this storm hit. This 48 hour swim will not only have Diana Nyad swimming but others donating for the opportunity to swim a few laps with Diana Nyad. “We are pleased to provide the aquatic filter for such a worthy cause, we hope everyone will tune in or visit the event and donate to help the victims of Hurricane Sandy- there is still so much work to be done.”
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