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Technique Tips: From shy to super-fly!

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June 2014

From shy to superfly!

From shy to superfly!

With its dramatic double arm pull and the undulating motion of the body, butterfly can be a daunting prospect to newcomers to the stroke.
But while you may not want to practise it in a busy pool - it can be a bit 'splashy' - the stroke uses a huge range of muscles and provides a thorough workout.
So we asked Commonwealth medallist and former Loughborough University coach Matt Bowe for three handy technique hints to help every butterfly wannabe on their way.
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Volunteers needed for Swim Safe

Volunteers needed for Swim Safe

Swim Safe is a beach safety programme that offers free improver swimming lessons and beach safety advice for children aged 7-14.
This year Swim Safe is expanding to three locations, Bude, Bournemouth and South Shields between Monday 28th July and Tuesday 26th August and volunteers are needed at all three locations.
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