Monday, June 4, 2012

Tocmai din Australia....

Mon, 6/4/12, Brenton Ford <> wrote:

From: Brenton Ford
Subject: Swimprove is OPEN! (Your coupon inside)
Date: Monday, June 4, 2012, 4:27 PM

One of the most common things I hear from triathletes 
and swimmers alike is:

"Brent, I've hit a plateau!"
Show me how to break out of a plateau!
And here's why it happens...

There's only three reasons why your swimming isn't getting quicker:
1. Your technique has flaws 
2. Your training the wrong things.
3. Your not doing the little things

So what 'To Do'?

I've been coaching for 7 years and noticed swimmers that continually 
get faster are the ones that get regular feedback and coaching. 

It's just flying a fast jet plane, you need to make continual adjustments 
to get to your destination. That's what a coach is for.
Yes, take me to Swimprove now!
Join Swimprove

(What the heck is Swimprove?)

...its our new video membership and swim coaching forum.

You can access every course we've ever made (including the 
brand new open water swimming course) and ongoing swim coaching, 
PLUS right now this loyalty coupon gets you the special monthly rate of $27 or quarterly rate of $47  (and reduces the joining fee to $97) .
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Offer expires midnight on Monday, June 11th.
(By the way - Hit reply with any questions you have about Swimprove.)

See you inside!

Brenton Ford
P.S - Your coupon 'early' expires at midnight on June 11th.

12 A / 76 Haines Street
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