Thursday, November 28, 2013

Prof. Dr. Jan De Maere.... un autentic inotator in vizita la noi...

Ieri am postat pe FB 'Bomba zilei'...; eram atat de entuziasmat incat nici nu am incercat sa aflu mai multe despre 'swim-man-globe-troters'-ul meu.
Azi m-a rugat sa-l conduc la aeroport si asa am aflat mai multe, asa cum reese din paginile broshurii pe care mi-a dat-o, iat-o:


TRAINING TIP: Screw Kick... Sorted

TRAINING TIP: Screw Kick... Sorted

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November 2013

Screw Kick...Sorted

Screw Kick...Sorted

A screw kick is a baffling and frustrating trait for many breaststroke swimmers which can put them off the stroke completely.
Operating the legs symmetrically just comes naturally to some, but for others it can feel completely unobtainable.
While on the surface, it might seem like it's just one foot is out of sync with the other on the propulsion phase, the most common causes of the screw kick are a lack of balance and a poorly executed recovery phase.
Click here for our tips on how to go from 'Screw' to 'Can do'

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