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- March 13, 2012

Tuesday, March 13, 2012 7:03 PM
A Semi-Monthly Wrap-up of News from Around the World by Sports Publications Intl.
March 13, 2012
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NCSA Jr. Nationals Streamed Live to Worldwide Audience on SwimmingWorld.TV Via Ustream; Order Tickets Now
PHOENIX, Arizona. SWIMMINGWORLD.TV and Ustream are partnering to stream the NCSA Junior National Swimming Championships live to a worldwide audience, March 20-24, in Orlando, Florida.
USA Swimming Grand Prix, Columbus: Matt Grevers, Michael Phelps Shoot to Second in World
COLUMBUS, Ohio. THE USA Swimming Grand Prix held on Columbus, Ohio, shut the curtain on what proved to be a productive run of performances from the swimmers in attendance. The final sessions wound up no different, as a handful of world-ranked times went up on the scoreboard.
British Olympic Trials: Fran Halsall Matches Textile Best on Final Day
LONDON, England. THE last day of qualifying at the British Olympic Trials featured two national events, and an international finale, as the Olympic Test Event came to a close at the London Aquatics Center.
Italian Long Course Nationals: Final Day in the Books
RICCIONE, Italy. THE Italian Long Course Nationals closed the books on what proved to be a five-day outing for the Italians.

Matteo Pelizzari snared the men's 200 fly in 1:57.60, while Francesco Pavone took second in 1:58.12. Niccolo Beni picked up third in 1:58.45. Pelizzari improved to 10th in the world rankings, while Pavone took 15th. Beni improved to 17th with his swim.
Two National Records Fall at Irish Olympic Trials
DUBLIN, Ireland. TWO national records fell this morning in the preliminaries of the Irish Olympic Trials, one of which was previously held by an Olympic champion. The meet is being held in long course meters format.
USA Swimming Sectionals, Federal Way: Kara Lynn Joyce Breaks Top 25 in 50 Free
FEDERAL WAY, Washington. THE USA Swimming Sectionals held in Federal Way closed the doors on several day of swift swimming.
Colorado Stars' Kara Lynn Joyce ripped off a 25.49 to win the women's 50 free. That swim moved her up to 23rd in the world, and fourth among the U.S. with Christine Magnuson (25.09), Amanda Weir (25.23) and Madison Kennedy (25.43) ahead of her. Alana Pazevic finished second in 26.36, while Scottsdale's Hannah Caldas placed third in 26.49.
USA Swimming Sectionals, Pleasant Prairie: Harvard Swimmers Sprinkled Heavily Among Podium Placers on Final Day
PLEASANT PRAIRIE, Wisconsin. THE USA Swimming Sectionals held in Pleasant Prairie concluded with Harvard swimmers picking up plenty of the podium spots.

Hannah Ross snagged the women's 200 back title in 2:16.63, while Harvard's Caroline Weaver (2:21.15) and Kelsey Hojan Clark (2:21.19) finished second and third. McFarland's Ryan O'Donnell won the men's 200 back in 2:06.34, while Jesse Stipek (2:07.73) and Kyle Drake (2:07.89) finished second and third.
USA Swimming Sectionals, Greensboro: SwimMAC Pros Close Out Triumphant Meet
GREENSBORO, North Carolina. THE SwimMAC pros dominated the USA Swimming Sectionals in Greensboro for the most part, and the final day proved no different.

SwimMAC's Madison Kennedy topped the women's 100 free in 55.31. Star's Faith Johnson grabbed second-place honors in 56.15, while Virginia Gators' Eva Hannesdottir took third in 56.33. In another SwimMAC pro throwdown, Josh Schneider won the men's 100 free in 50.11. Cullen Jones (50.30), Davis Tarwater (50.54) and Eugene Godsoe (50.62) took second through fourth.
USA Swimming Sectionals, Jenks: Heather Lundstrom, Nickolaus Orf Post Olympic Trials Cut on Final Night
JENKS, Oklahoma. THE last night of action at the USA Swimming Sectionals held in Jenks, Okla., featured two more Olympic Trials cuts going in the books.

Parkway's Heather Lundstrom clocked a 2:15.27 to win the women's 200 fly, and better the Olympic Trials cut. KC Blazers Rilye Fries (2:20.76) and Mariah Hutchinson (2:22.25) took second and third. Parkway's Nickolaus Orf followed in the men's 200 fly with a 2:03.37 for an Olympic Trials cut of his own. Lindenwood's Javier Hernandez took second in 2:04.62, while Parkway's Luke Schlueter placed third in 2:06.21.
USA Swimming Sectionals, College Station: Kirsty Coventry Makes Longhorn Return; Palo Alto's Jasmine Tosky Dominates
COLLEGE STATION, Texas. THE USA Swimming Sectionals held in College Station, Texas, featured the return of an Olympian to American-based training, while Palo Alto's Jasmine Tosky put together a stellar run of swims.

Zimbabwe's Kirsty Coventry made her return to competitive swimming as a Longhorn with a victory in the women's 400 free when she clocked a 4:18.20. Coventry returned the following night with a 4:42.84 to win the women's 400 IM.
American Short Course Championships: Meet Comes to Close
AUSTIN, Texas. THE American Short Course Championships came to a close in Austin, Texas as most of the rest of the country is in the midst of heavy long course meter competition.
USA College News and Results
PHOENIX, Arizona. THE USA college swimming season is underway and you can find news and results of your favorite school in our College News section of our website.
National Junior College Athletic Association: Indian River State College Sweeps; Wins 38th, 31st Straight Team Titles
FORT PIERCE, Florida. THE National Junior College Athletic Association Swimming and Diving Championships this year ended just like the previous three decades have, with the Indian River State College men and women sweeping the team titles.
NZ Manufacturing Poll of the Week
PHOENIX, Arizona. Swimming World wants to know what you think and offers you the chance to participate in our weekly poll.
A Challenging Swim From Coast 2 Coast
CULVER CITY, California. LA Tri Club is back at it again with an innovative event to raise money for those who have yet learned to swim. One of the largest multi-sport clubs in the world is organizing the second annual Coast 2 Coast Swim Challenge on May 20th in Culver City, California
USA High School News and Results
PHOENIX, Arizona. GET the results of your favorite school in our High School News section of our website.
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