Friday, March 20, 2015

First Out Of The Water with Clayton Fettell - Effortless Swimming

I sat frozen in disbelief as this seal-like creature
glided effortlessly down the pool.

"How could something human move like that
through water?" 
I thought to myself.

As a teenager I remember watching Ian Thorpe
for the first time in the Sydney Olympics.

His famous black suit gave him the appearance
and aura of a higher power. The way he moved
through the water was something special.

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Watching professional triathlete Clayton Fettell
swim for the first time gave me deja vu of this
moment in my teenage years.

It's rare to someone with such smooth and
efficent technique, but this is why Clayton Fettell
is one of the fastest swimmers in the sport today.

Last week I caught up with Clayton on the podcast
and we took a deep dive into:

- How to transistion from pool swimming to the open water
- Is the perfect technique acheivable?
- Why swimming like 'the cool kids' made him slower
- The one change to his head position that fixed his balance

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Brenton Ford
Effortless Swimming

P.S - 
Clayton features in our soon to be released'Art Of Triathlon Swimming' video. We'll be releasing
some clips from the video over the next few weeks.