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Below are some of the common questions people 
have been asking.
What's different about Swimprove from the freestyle program?
Swimprove gives you access to the video programs for:
- Butterfly, backstroke and breaststroke

- Open water and triathlon swimming 

- Strength training for swimming

- Any new programs we create (there's a few in pipeline 
already like sprinting and starts, turns & finishes)
I'm also adding regular videos, PDF's, workouts and 
articles on everything swimming related. Plus you get 
unlimited video analysis. It's like getting lifetime access 
to everything we make for under $100.
Who is Swimprove for?
If you're a swimmer or triathlete doing 2 or more swim 
sessions a week you'll get the most out of Swimprove. 
It's also a great resource for coaches and parents of 
What will I get from it?
Using some of the latest technique and training hacks 
we've had a lot of swimmers:
  1. Beat their PB's even after years of swimming the same times (and man are they stoked when it happens!)
  2. Have heaps more energy in training and racing
  3. Develop a smooth stroke that feels good (and looks 
    good too!)
  4. Training like an elite swimmer using the same drills, sets and workouts...even new swimmers are doing it.
  5. Increase their sprinting speed way beyond what they thought they could do.
If you've had good results with the our other programs and 
you're ready to move to the next stage of your swimming 
this is it.This is the next step.See you inside!
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