Friday, July 26, 2013

'Under water camera' ...

......ei lauda un aparat care sa filmeze sub apa...

 - eu le-am dat adresa celui mai bun accesoriu/sistem de urmarire si analiza a miscarilor, a tehnicii sub apa..[vezi subsol].

Professional Swim Coach

Barb Augustin I use a Panasonic HX-WA10 and attach it to a monopod.

Advantages - it is like a normal video camera so you have the viewfinder to help you make sure the swimmer is in view and you can play it back from the camera with no wires are needed in the water or out.

Disadvantages - the viewfinder only works if the camera is pointed the right way - by being screwed onto a monopod and then lowered into the water the camera is upside down, at certain angles the viewfinder is obscured, also this means the video is upside down. Also, long-sighted swimmers cannot see the playback on the viewfinder.

I transfer the video from the camera (via a cable, but there is also a removable SD card) and cut and paste it in MovieMaker (free, comes with Windows) and then I post the video to Sprongo (freeware), where I can draw lines, circles, etc on the video, make comments.

Each swimmer can then review their marked up/commented video at their leisure. 
este un aparat copiat dupa unul rusesc creat acum 40 de ani de catre ing. Kaigherov [l-am cunoscut personal] si care l-am folosit pe brasistii nostri aflati in cantonamet la baza olimpica la altitudine 2000m - Tahkadzor; americanii nu au dotat si sportivul cu acel 'mini-sonar' care inregistreaza pe o curba toate variatiile de miscare, de pause de alunecare, de devieri de la linia de inaintare etc.; daca l-ar realiza si pe acel 'mini-sonar' ar putea realiza cea mai buna aparatura de urmarire care 'spune' antrenorului TOTUL + date biologice de efort


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Unknown said...

all products can take pictures under water can not match 'Speedometer' Kaigherov developed by Russian specialists in the '80s, Why? As these mini-cameras offer real-time imaging and motion analysis is quite imprecise. Kaigherov, along with the video system [3 web-cam portable] attach sporting a 'mini-sonar' - which transmitted as all variations of motion graphics generated by swimmer - curves move made ​​so the coach can help to understand the exactly where mistakes occur technique or inadequate solutions effort. That 'mini-sonar' was purchased from the Russian military technology and was secret. So if appliances are talking about does not always give records motion graphics curves they can be very useful, most approached the Russian 'speedometer' - is the system 'eyecart' of American manufacturing ....