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What is the advantage of the new breaststroke pull out to the sides?

New breaststroke pull


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Michele GrebBreaststroke has always had the hands outside the shoulder line. If they are not, it is a butterfly pull. As you can see from the date on the video (2009) a wider pull has been used for quite some time. The pull size tends to be dependent upon physiology, age/stage of growth, strength. And for breaststroke: kick. Can't forget about that.

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Mircea Olarucorrectly ! weh i open [ ] - though I've always had a little confidence in rowing arms Breastroke; always see less important than rowing legs - seemed unavoidable inequality between the two movements efficiency [arms, legs] now feel that this equality can be achieved and I think with success, my question is [I do not know exactly how to swim now worldwide ...]how many have noticed and apply new movement? Congratulation, it is eloqvent.., Bravo

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Mircea Olaru I will see in BCN2013 how amny breastrokers uz this new indication; for me is amaising... and i/m very 'geloise' becaouse i dont found this exceptional mouving until to day....

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Michele GrebMircea, I think a great deal of effective pulling in breast is involved in getting the hands into the right position, so there is less row-row-row-your-boat (English song, apologies for that!) and more dynamic water-feeling, quiet water seeking with the hands. I think you will know what I mean by that.

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Mircea OlaruDear Michele..., I think so: All biomechanical old troubles of Brasstroke [big difference between the contribution brought against the rowing arms legs ...] are balanced and I think it is better to use this new technique indication. I have an amendment - whether to breathe, the head rise too high and thus creates a resistance front too much water in front of your chest, swimmers should breathe 'late' ie when hands have passed the plan head, in this way that created unwanted resistance up too larger head is avoided [this is the perfect breathing technique valabuil and the Dolphin/ Fly...; [ I think M.Phelps, eg., has, use, this 'delayed inspiration ']. What is your opinion? Thanks for your comments..., unforgetibil ist that I no can use corect english language but by Google translate... comme some mistakes; Have a nice day Mircea, 77 old [] 
Iata ce Rezistenta din partea apei poate crea o ridicare prea inalta si o 'inspiratie prea devreme' [termenul este al meu] 

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Steve FriederangThe new breaststroke pulldown might be al dolphin kick. Fina, the international governing body of swimming, will vote on allowing fifteen meters of dolphin kick on breaststroke starts and turns after the World Championships which begin in four days. I'm working on more effective and progressive breaststroke foot fins to go along with our reversible breaststroke paddles. Any ideas would be welcome!

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Jean McKenzieI have some fins that I cut off angled which have some give for recovery/ knee but the monofin has been most helpful for correcting position form but doesn't allow for timing and I like what Mircea posted about later breathing.

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Jay WeermanHey Steve, I have a feeling the evolution of the stroke is going to end up with a dolphin kick being allowed on each stroke along with a breast kick. Have you heard of FINA looking at this? We do this as a drill to get the hips up and it makes my butterflyers much faster than my natural breastrokers.

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Mircea OlaruAll protocol-proposals for Meeting of FINA TSC will be discuse of the new roulles can read hier:

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Rein HaljandSo we have no rule changes for breastroke start and turns according Fina congress today !

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Mircea Olaru@Rein H, > Unfortunately, deviations from the official rules of FINA/TSC for Breastroke persists: it is not penalized for carrying palms facing forward over the surface [a] or not sanctioned 'delfinisation' of leg movements [especially after the start and turns].[b]

If it were me I would let the return to Breastroke and Dolfin be done by rolling [why the crawl and backstroke is allowed ...?]; idem, once I fix some scales that represent new records exceeded [due to ban from using costumes 'superman' ...]
Have a nice day.... Mircea [] 



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