Monday, July 22, 2013

Brentford from 'deep' winter in Australia......

[Effortless Swimming] 10 seconds faster in 4 weeks?

FROM Brenton Ford TO You ............
Yesterday I was chatting a friend who'd swum four PB's out of four races at our State Championships.

The funny thing was he said it came down to making one change that we practiced in a technique clinic last weekend. And that's often the difference between staying where you are or improving on your times. Doing one or two things better.

They don't have to be radical changes either. This week's video is about a swimmer who knocked 10 seconds of his 200 Breaststroke PB with one change.

  1. How One Swimmer Shaved 10 Seconds From His 200 Breaststroke (in 4 weeks) - I received email from a parent who was pretty stoked with his son's improvement in breaststroke by adding this one thing to his training program.
  2. The Greatest Swimming Video Ever Made - You might have seen this floating around Youtube or Facebook. Warning: Do not watch this before going to bed.
Have a great week of training. Swim strong!


Brenton Ford
Effortless Swimming

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