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This Brilliant Report Tells Athletes Not Only How to Identify The Stretching Techniques That are Right for Their Sport - But Also The Exercises That can Actually Reduce Your Sprint Speed, Undermine Your Levels of Endurance and Even Increase Your Chances of Getting Injured
Dear Serious Athlete,
There are few sports training topics that arouse more controversy than stretching. And more irritation!
How often have you seen the latest thinking turned on its head, with contradictory, even confusing advice being dispensed by sports 'experts' - only for the very same advice to be overturned months later by yet another 'expert' writing in the latest issue of some sports magazine or another?
Annoying isn't it…
And yet, the topic is far too important to be ignored (which, unfortunately, is some athletes' response to the confusion…).
Because stretching - the proper way, of course - is a vital foundation to every athlete's annual training regime. And not just in training, but in competition too. Regular stretching not only helps you avoid injury, it can increase the level at which you can comfortably perform (by, amongst other benefits, increasing your range of motion).
And it can contribute much to the speed at which you recover from high levels of effort, be they in training or in competition. Allowing you to increase your training volume without risking injury, and boost your ability to compete in back-to-back sporting events.
Because this issue is both so important to every athlete, and so often misunderstood, I've commissioned a special report on the subject aimed specifically to answer serious athletes' questions about this often-frustrating topic.
As a subscriber to our weekly sports performance bulletin, you're specially invited to buy your copy of Stretching to Avoid Injurytoday at an exclusive discount price. (More details on how to get your copy below.)
But first, let me introduce you to our expert international panel of contributors who've uncovered the latest sports science findings:
  • Sean Fyfe is the strength and conditioning coach and assistant tennis coach for the Tennis Australia National High Performance Academy based in Brisbane. He also operates his own sports physiotherapy clinic.
  • James Marshall MSc, CSCS, ACSM/HFI, runs Excelsior, a UK sports training company whose clients includes The Rugby Football Union, The Rugby Football League,Devon Cricket Board,England HockeyAssociation and the London Broncos Academy.
  • Dr Gary O'Donovan is a research fellow at Brunel University, England, and an exercise physiologist accredited with the British Association of Sport and Exercise Sciences.
  • Alan Stein CCS, CSCS, of Elite Athlete Training Systems Inc, is a leading US expert on strength training and conditioning for elite level basketball players.
All four of them are highly experienced, sports conditioning professionals working with elite athletes across a range of different sports. So you can be sure their advice is informed, up-to-date - and highly pertinent to all athletes, no matter which sport they may play.
When I commissioned Sean, James, Gary and Alan to write this special report on stretching, I asked them to do two things for me:
  • review all the very latest sports scientific research into stretching - not just the academic journals that we regularly review for our Peak Performance and Sports Injury Bulletinspecialist newsletters, but all the not-yet-published material as well. Findings that have only recently emerged - and have not yet made it into the specialist media. Findings that might not ever make it into the magazines you find on the high street news-stands. (Because some of this stuff is highly technical, and not easily understood by your average journalist or magazine editor.)
  • that they synthesise their findings into a report that contains no impenetrable scientific jargon - only the facts. How athletes like you and I should go about properly integrating stretching into our daily fitness regime.
Here are just some of the fascinating facts about stretching they uncovered - and which you'll learn about exclusively in Stretching to Avoid Injury:
  • What are the different kinds of stretch techniques - and how do they differ from one another? (Yes, we started with this one because so many athletes don't have a full and accurate understanding of the subject - not surprising really when you consider how confusing is much of the 'advice' they're given…) (pp. 9-10)
  • Why some times of the day are better for some stretching exercises than others (pp. 25-26)
  • How stretching works on the muscles, tendons and ligaments - because only with the correct understanding of this can you make an informed decision about which programme to follow (p. 11)
  • Which stretching exercises should NEVER be done before a competition. We also tell you why… (pp. 38-40)
  • Injured athletes: how to integrate a stretching regime with the rest of your recovery programme to speed up your rehabilitation (p.12)
  • Injured athletes #2: which kinds of injuries can be made WORSE by stretching! We tell you which ones, and why (p. 14)
  • Why even though some athletes may be doing the right exercises, at the right time of day - they're not doing them with the correct frequency or intensity. Perhaps you're one of them? (p. 11)
  • How many weeks it takes before you attain your optimal stretch performance - assuming you're exercising the right way… (p. 17)
  • How to structure a stretching programme to meet your goals - because many athletes confuse short-term goals with those for the longer term (p. 11)
  • How to make sure your stretching regime doesn't undermine your performance - we discovered that some exercises can either cut an athlete's speed or reduce their endurance levels. Bad news if you're a sprinter, jump athlete or distance runner! (pp. 15-16)
  • Which stretching protocols have been shown to INCREASE your likelihood of certain types of sports injury, so should be avoided by some athletes. We tell you how and why. (p. 14)
  • Why some stretching techniques are better suited to warming-up, while others should be kept for after training or competition (pp. 18, 28)
What's more, your copy of Stretching to Avoid Injury comes complete with several different stretching programmes you can adapt to meet your specific circumstances.
In short, everything you need to put an end to any confusion on the subject. So you can be a suppler, faster, more successful athlete.
One who can train harder and longer - without risking injury - and compete at a higher level than ever.

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Gord McMorland, Chiropractor
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Yvonne Bontekoning, Sport Podiatrist and Running Trainer
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Richard Turner, Athletics Coach (Throws)

Stretching to Avoid Injury for just $9.97 and your special 2-month FREE trial subscription to Sports Injury Bulletin

For just $9.97 you get Stretching to Avoid Injury worth $44.99. You also get a two-month trial membership to Sports Injury Bulletin, which entitles you access to a library of special reports, injury prehab & rehab programmes and exercise workouts.
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To activate your trial membership and get your hands on Stretching to Avoid Injury simply click on any of the links in this message.
I hope you enjoy the report, the member's package and the newsletter itself.
Let me know how you find the exercises and about the improvement you see in your performances.
Best wishes,

Jonathan Pye
Publisher, Sports Injury Bulletin

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