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Beneficiile practicarii inotului......By Mat Luebbers,

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swimming benefits ....

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Mat's Swimming Blog

By Mat Luebbers, Guide to Swimming since 1999

Swimming is a healthy activity, with many benefits.

What have you found to be helpful or good for

you from your swimming experiences?

How Has Swimming Has Been Good for You?

Readers Respond:

Ways That Swimming Has Been Good for You

swimming benefits

....‘’ Swimming is probably one of the noblest sports, but an 'aggressive' approach to swimming can cause some problems: - postural deficiencies for freestylers, backstrokers and even breaststrokers (less for butterfliers) - these could be diminished by using special compensatory swimming exercises - ligamentous laxity and other joint problems (breaststroker's knee, swimmer's shoulder) - these could be prevented by doing gym/exercises for strength and flexibility - ventricular hypertrophy, when doing too much hard training at especially at a young age, and which can limit later performance.

—Guest mircea olaru, ROU, 74 old

['' inotul este probabil unul dintre cele mai nobile sporturi, dar exercitiile de inot praticate 'agresiv' pot adune si neplaceri: deficiente de atitudine a coloanei la craulisti, spatisti sau chiar la brasisti (maiputin la fluturisti) - aceste ar trebui sa fie diminuate printr-o suita de exercitii de inot compensator, mai blande; apoi tot exercitiile agresive pot genera cresterea exagerata a laxitatii articulare (vezi genuchiul brasistului, umarul craulistului etc.) care s-ar putea preintampina prin lucrul in sala de gimnastica 9exercitii de dezvoltaera mobilitatii in regim de forta...); la fel, 'agresivitatea pregatirii' , mai ales la varste mici, poate duce la cresterea exagerata a volumului inimii ('inima de bou', este termen oficial,medical) care duce la plafanoarea performantelor'']


swimming benefits ....

‘’I try to swim 1/2 mile each day. It helps my back muscles get stronger and makes my whole body feel relaxed and stronger.

—Guest Mary Ann


Benefits of swimming

As a 12 yr. old non-athletic black youngster, I started competive swimming (city rec. program). I went on to earn a swimming scholarship (SC State College), coached two college teams (Temple Univeristy & LaSalle University)... My wife Olivia & I started an age group team ( Tigersharks, Phila., PA)coached then for twenty years & helped over thirty inner-city youngsters go to college; our children (Stacy & Damon) being two them. After forty yrs. of teaching & coaching, at age 63 I'm now retired and swimming about four days per week. So one may say, I''ve certainly benefits from swimming!

Malachi Cunningham


How Swimming Helps Me

I had some competitive swimming several years ago and did not continue because it was too stressful. I went to one meet in Tulsa and enjoyed that. This summer I started swimming laps in the park pool. In a short period of time, I started feeling the benefits. My body started reshaping, I didn't eat as much but ate very healthy foods, I felt very relaxed and if I didn't swim at least three times a week I missed it. Now that the park pool is closed, I am swimming at the Senior Center and am loving it. I get up very early and am in the pool(which is heated) by 6:30. I swim from 45 mins. to an hour three times a week. What a wonderful way to start the work day! I feel very powerful in the water, am reading a lot to help me improve my strokes. I am varying my strokes but seem to really enjoy the breast stroke and crawl. I am going to find out bout joining the Master Swim Team in this area. I am so grateful for swimming!

SJG—Guest Sylvia Geddes


swimming benefits

....after cancer

I was always a swimmer but after recovering from my cancer treatment, I went to a TI workshop and my life truly changed. I was 60, I retired, and swimming, yoga, and walking are also as important to me as my large wonderful family.

—Guest Julie


swimming benefits

....Swimming is good for all things you can play,race,or you can just sit there and do nothing. It really helped me get fit.

—Guest olivia


Swimming helped me a lot

I just learned swimming at the age of 33 because of the trauma I had when I was a kid. I love visiting the beach and love to be by the sea but I never knew how to swim so two years ago when I found out that I have a congenital heart illness and have gained a significant weight from my usual 90lbs to 130lbs plus all the stress from work I knew I had to do something that is why I tried learning to swim to live my life more. You see I get much leaner now because I lost weight now am at 118lbs not even that, since I lost weight I no longer find it difficult to move and I feel more relaxed even if I have tons of stress at work. I see to it that if I feel stress is hovering me I really take time off just to go for a swim. Swimmers would know the light feeling after every good swim.—Guest enuhj


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