Worn by Olympic and world champions around the globe, the T2 fins have become one of the most popular training tools in the world! Made from 100 percent silicone for durability and comfort, these fins provide for maximum speed with less effort in the water.
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Whether you're the parent of a summer-league swimmer or an Olympic Trials qualifier, Gary Barclay's book can help you become a more informed swim parent! This comprehensive book answers important questions every parent has as they guide their children through the sport.
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Young girls looking for stories featuring role models triumphing over adversity need look no further than these inspirational tales of nine American swimmers and their quest to make the 2000 Olympic team. Though some don't realize their dreams, their determination will inspire young swimmers to continue to work toward their dreams.
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Keeping track of your heart rate and other crucial target numbers has never been easier with this all-inclusive heart rate monitor! The Mio Drive is an ECG-accurate heart rate monitor that allows you to optimize your workout without the inconvenience of a chest strap, and features modes to calculate calories burned and exercise time. Also available in petite size at the same low price!
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Give the swimming fan in your life a subscription to the magazine filled with news, features and results from aquatic sports. Special gift card included.
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