Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Achieve your peak athletic condition this summer!

Achieve your peak athletic condition this summer!
Tuesday, May 10, 2011 11:22 AM
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Sports Performance Bulletin

If all that's holding back your athletic performance is money and a top coach then why not try our new summer training plan!

An amazing $2740.00 worth of
information for just US $1.97!

Dear Mircea,

Today, as a special summer training offer, I have convinced the guys here to offer you the very best deal we have ever made. We are doing this to get you to try out the unique Peak Performance ‘lean-training’ method. But you have to act today.

With this special summer training offer, you get the following special issues and reports, with full access to video workouts for an astonishing low sum of just US $1.97 (GB £1.20)!

Keep scrolling down, because you need to check out this super-bundle deal – it’s the biggest, most exciting package yet. Here’s what you get:

(1) Our newsletter, Peak Performance, the leading training tips publication in its field.
(2) 300 exclusive new training videos demonstrating how to get the very best out of your workouts.
(3) A HUGE bundle of free reports that zero in on your specific training needs. Start using them today to boost performances to new levels.

With our lean-training approach you’ll cut out unnecessary routines. We don’t use untested ideas or unsuitable exercises. We get you where you want as quickly and efficiently as possible.

The guys here say we’ll go out of business by dropping the bundle price to $1.97 (GB £1.20). So I reminded them when we launched Peak Performance all those years ago, we offered the same thing – a low, low price so that all athletes could try our system out. We now have more than 12,000 appreciative, active members.

Maybe today’s price is too low – but if YOU benefit from superior performances this summer, then I’m sure it will work for both of us.

Yours sincerely,

Jonathan Pye
Publisher, Peak Performance

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Today only - our exclusive new summer training offer

  • More than 300 workouts on video, for muscle building / strengthening / agility / power / endurance / injury treatment etc
  • Results-orientated exercises and drills for your sport or event
  • Routines and training methods that you might not have used before – for example: kettlebell training
  • Video links to the content in the Peak Performance newsletter, illustrating how an exercise is properly performed
  • Breakthrough techniques from top International coaches and athletes
  • Performance-enhancing supplements, meals and drinks used by Olympic medallists

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The collection of exclusive videos listed above has just been added to our offer. You’ll learn which exercises to perform to improve musculoskeletal strength and flexibility; how to use cable machines in the gym effectively; drills for improving speed and agility; workouts to improve core stability and so on.

You will discover, within minutes of joining, the ingredients you need to achieve your ultimate objectives.

You receive the following bundle of reports:

  • Top 15 Resistance exercises
  • Effective flexibility routines
  • Building Dynamic Power
  • Marathon Training Special
  • Core Muscle Training
  • Hydration Therapy
  • Deep Water Running Supplements
  • Weight Training
  • Triathlon Strength and Conditioning
  • Perceptual Training
  • Injury Special
  • Coaches' Training Secrets
  • Food & Drink for extra performance special
  • Ageing & Performance
  • Football Special
  • Sports Psychology Special

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You also receive a 60-day free trial membership to Peak Performance, the leading newsletter in its field

With the level of coaching and advice the Peak Performance newsletter delivers we believe we do ‘sports training’ better than anyone:

  • Fun workouts to boost fitness, speed and endurance and correct weaknesses
  • Reduce dehydration and get more from your exercise
  • Increase endurance performance by up to 17%
  • Achieve outstanding speed in distance events
  • Avoid the supplements that wont boost performance
  • Boost your oxygen supply
  • Deal with a below average performance
  • Use your nervous system to increase strength without exercise
  • Effectively use the world’s greatest and most costly training secrets
  • Use our lean-training method to beat your personal best

You also receive the following training technique instruction:

  • Core training
  • Circuit training
  • Conditioning
  • Endurance
  • Flexibility
  • Interval training
  • Overtraining
  • Plyometric
  • Power
  • Proprioceptive
  • Speed training
  • Strength training
  • Stretching
  • Technique
  • Training programs
  • Warm up
  • Weight training
  • Winning

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It’s LIVE: your planned training program

To ensure you have personal guidance on hand when you need it, the Peak Performance website offers five areas of coaching expertise:

  • Groups
  • Videos
  • Blogs
  • Articles
  • Answers

Here is an example question posted by a subscriber in the ‘answers’ section:

Q. “What are the best exercises to improve VO2Max quickly?”

A. “ ... Check the Peak Performance report on INTERVAL TRAINING. It tells of a study with 2 Norwegian teams, after 8 wks of twice weekly interval training vo2 max went up by 11 %. It’s a great read, check it out. The answer to your question therefore is INTERVAL TRAINING

The report on interval training mentioned above is included in your trial membership to Peak Performance with around 20 other reports. That may sound a lot, and it is. But you can use specific elements of that advice to cut out and reduce exercises not relevant to your personal requirements. We set in motion a planned program that will put you swiftly and efficiently on the right road.

You’ll quickly come to regard us as your personal (and only) coaching team, offering specific goal-orientated exercises just for you.

In practice, our system is so efficient that many of our members find the time they spend training has actually reduced, while each week their performance gets better and better.

Click here for your special summer training $1.97 deal, or read on to see what’s included in this massive package!

Increased power, strength and stamina-building workouts demonstrated through video, graphics and text: a sure-fire way to achieve and maintain peak athletic condition.

Sign up today for gold standard, one-on-one coaching advice

All top athletes need one-on-one training and they pay a lot for it. To progress as fast as possible to your full potential you must have access to qualified trainers who will give you the right exercise program.

With the Peak Performance training system you have an expert you can ask about your particular situation and requirements as you and your performance progress.

You can explain exactly what you have achieved, discuss any problems and discover how to get to the next level.

We offer practical and effective take-out advice, all explained in the clearest way – visually and descriptively through our unique multi-media website.

"Training advice from Peak Performance has helped me to improve by using the correct exercises and strategies. I have also learned to get the maximum training effect with less time spent than in the past"

Geoff Lienert, Distance Runner, New Zealand

"Peak Performance helped me to get rid of all unnecessary exercises to improve faster and more efficiently"

Matt, Swimmer, Canada

"Since subscribing to Peak Performance my coaching skills have improved, my athletes are running faster and my injuries are less common! A great newsletter every serious sports person must be a member!"

Blackie Swart, Runner / coach, South Africa,

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