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From Jen Hubley, your About Today Editor
My memories of kindergarten and fond and hazy. I remember dressing up like monsters from 'Where the Wild Things Are,' eating lots of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, and taking naps. If these things were allowed as a full-time occupation for an adult, my life would not have changed at all since.

5 Things Kindergarten Teachers Wish Parents Knew
However, it seems like kindergarten is a little lighter on the lying around these days. Kids are much more involved with actual learning. (Although I hope they still get to make monster faces out of paper bags, as I feel that's a crucial stage of development.)

* What You Can Expect in Kindergarten
* Today's Kindergarteners are Playing Less, Studying More

What You Can Expect Your Child to Learn in Grade School
I'm pretty sure kids learn more from kindergarten through fifth grade than they ever will again. No wonder they sleep like stones.

* Child Development, Grade by Grade
* Gifted Children and Asynchronous Development

5 Ways to Help With Homework
Of course, as a parent, you're your kids' most important teacher. For instance, I believe it was my mother who said that just because I couldn't see anything with a bag on my head, didn't mean I could pretend it was time to hit the pinata - especially when the pinata was my kindergarten teacher's hanging plant.

* Special Needs Kids at School
* Improve Your Study Skills

6 Fun Learning Activities to Do With Kids
The world has changed since we were kids. No. 5 on this list is "Create a Website," which seems like an awesome idea to me. I can't wait to hear about the first grade school kid with a blog-to-book deal.

* How to Teach a Child to Write His Name
* 7 Nature Activities Children Will Love

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