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Incercare de analiza a cursei de 200 m liber masculin



Eindhoven, The Netherlands

25 - 28 November 2010, Day 4

Traducere din Română în Engleză

EUROPEAN SHORT COURSE Swimming Championships
Eindhoven, The Netherlands
25-28 November 2010 Day 4

Tried 200m race analysis free male / author - Prof. M. Olaru

Izotov D. RUS 4 1:41.84 1 (1) 1:15.31 (1) 49.35 (2) 23.60 0.74 25.75 25.96 26.53
Biedermann GER 6 1:42.94 2 1.10 (2) 1:16.64 (3) 50.06 (4) 24.10 0.76 25.96 26.58 26.30

Here's lap times of the two protagonists;
Izotov: 23.60, 25.75, 25.06, 26.53
+00.50, =00.21, +01.52, -00.23
= differences (+) to the Izotov.
Bieder 24.10, 25.96, 26.58, 26.30

Intermediar time story is:

The first 50 Izotov, goes well with ½ sec.
The second is about 50 Izotov= equal Biedermann (oo.21)
The third 50, Izotov attack and win 01.52 (!) from Biedermann who apparently lost the race here
The 4th 50, Izotov lose 2 tenths from Biedermann / he has the 'power 5th' ....
but the advantage gained by Izotov can not be recovered.

Preliminary Conclusions:

Biedermann is likely to have had an inadequate strategy and, perhaps more precisely, deutsche rigor still has not said the word .. but he are 2 years, almost until the 2012 Olympic ...

Izotov is a swimmer 'prosperous' coming 'last' and may be able to keep the bottom of Biedermann, I credit him only if he manages to swim with long tempo but verry effective, the technique one [that's 'fancy' BEST + IPA expressed in my ...]

We live and we'll see ...!

Are already many participants in Eindhoven in 2010 have shown that ESC can swim fast without struggle and that is shaping a new biotype of recordmen - 'Pencil Biotype' .....

Incercare de analiza a cursei de 200 m liber masculin, autor prof.M.Olaru

IZOTOV Daniil RUS 4 1:41.84 1 (1) 1:15.31 (1) 49.35 (2) 23.60 0.74 25.75 25.96 26.53

BIEDERMANN Paul GER 6 1:42.94 2 1.10 (2) 1:16.64 (3) 50.06 (4) 24.10 0.76 25.96 26.58 26.30

Iata timpii intermediari a celor 2 protagonisti;

IZOTOV: 23.60, 25.75, 25.06, 26.53

+ 00.50, +00.21, +01.52, -00.23 = diferente comparate fata de Izotov.

Biedermann 24.10, 25.96, 26.58, 26.30

Relatarea interdemiarelor este :

La primul 50 Izotov ,merge mai bine cu ½ sec.

La al doilea 50 Izotov este aprox. egal cu Biedermann (oo.21)

La ak treilea 59 Izotov ataca si castiga 01.52(!) fata de Biedermann care se pare ca acesta, aici a pierdut cursa ....

Laal 4-lea 50 Izotov pierde 2 zecimi fata de Biedermann / acesta a sprintat la puterea 5-a ...., dar avantajul castigat de Izotov nu mai poate fi recuperat.

Concluzii preliminarii:

Este posibil ca Biedermann sa fi avut o strategie neadecvata si, poate mai exact, rigoare nemteasca inca nu si-a spus cuvantul.. mai sunt 2 ani, aproape, pana la JO 2012 ...

Izotov este un inotator 'proaspat’, vine 'din urma’ si poate sa fie capabil sa mentina ascendent asupra lui Biedermann; eu il creditez doar daca reuseste sa inoate cu miscari/tempo lung dar f.f. eficient, ca tehnica [asta este ’marota’ mea exprimata in BEST+IPA...]

Vom trai si vom vedea...; deja mai multi participanti la CES Eindhoven 2010 au aratat ca se poate inota repede fara zbucium si ca se profileaza un nou biotip de recordmen – ’creionul’

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