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the English Channel Swimming ....

 Obs. suplimentare:
            1815 - un prizonier dupá bátália de la Waterlo, italianul Jan Marie Saletti evadeazá de pe docurile portului Dover şi ajunge înot pe ţármul francez, la Calais, cutezanţá care a fost mult aplaudatá de opinia publicá francezá....

            1873 - cpt. Matthew Webbs traverseazá pentru prima datá Canalul Mânecii, de la Dover la Calais în 21 h:45 min. (în 1883 îşi pierde viaţa încercând sá strábatá apele cascadei Niagara, într-un butoi...).  
         1961 Argentinian Antonio Abertondo started the first successful non-stop swim across the Channel and back, completed in 43 hr 5 min.

-       Traversarea Canalului manecii ['la Manche’] a interesat multe personalitati: americanca de origine maghiara Ederle, inotatori de faima [Mark Spitz] si antrenori renumiti [Doc Counsilman] si multi altii {fost mea eleva, din Turcia, Nesrin Olgun care are bretul de traversare, atestat de Asociatia Chanel Cros-Swimm}

Effortless Swimming] How To Get Started In English Channel Swimming

Brenton Ford
To M.Olaru
Today20 06 2014 at 5:54 AM
Have you ever had a voice in the back of your head whisperering to you...hinting that the English Channel is a challenge you should go after?

In today's podcast I talk with 6x Solo English Channel swimmer Chloe McCardel about how to get started in Channel swimming.

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Chloe McCardel

She's offering an opportunity to join an English Channel relay team in 2015 if you'd like to get a taste for channel swimming.

Read more about it below:


"An exclusive opportunity is available to be coached by 6x Solo English Channel swimmer  Chloë McCardel to swim the treacherous 34km English Channel in a 6x person Relay during
June 2015. Each swimmer will spend one hour swimming their turn and resting/recovering for the remaining 5 hours. Swimmers rotate continuously until the team reaches the other side.

This is an international offering so as long you can access cold water and already swim regularly you may be eligible. Swimmers of all speeds are welcome to apply. She will share with you her
extensive experience in Channel Swimming and Coaching and personally guide you to this incredible goal. Expressions of interest close this July 1st
Some Features include:
- Extensive training and preparation support (email communication, personalised training and feeding plans, info packs, team meetings via Skype, and opportunities to join the Melbourne, Australia, swimming sessions and camps)

- Chloë personally coaching and mentoring you in Dover, England 
- Extensive social activities in Dover
- Your own designated boat, pilots and observer for your relay
- Official recognition and record of your swim by the Channel Swimming Association
- PLUS much more!

See the 2015 Relay Team flyer here
To enquire about joining a relay please contact Chloe.

Chloë McCardel 6x English Channel Swimmer (2x Single & 2x Double Solo Crossings)  2013 & 2014 Ambassador Big Bay Swim (VIC)
Marathon Swimmer / Coach / Keynote Speaker / Ambassador
This opportunity is open to swimmers from all over the world, not just Australia.

This is not organised by or affiliated with Effortless Swimming, but I wanted to share this opportunity with you if you have an interest in Channel swimming.

Click here to listen to the podcast


Brenton Ford
Effortless Swimming

P.S - Next week I have some BIG news coming about our 2014/2015 swim camps and holidays!

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